12 Hilarious and Delightful Romantic Comedies

There are a lot of cynical people in the world today, but that doesn't mean romance is dead. There are still plenty of stories out there that appeal to those who love a happy ending. If your heart skips a beat when a will-they-or-won't-they couple finally gets together, you might want to pick up a copy of one of these 12 delightful romantic comedies. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

12 Hilarious and Delightful Romantic Comedies

Title Author More By The Author
1. Neanderthal Seeks Human Penny Reid Friends Without Benefits
2. The BFD Harper Bentley True Love: The Trilogy
3. My Kind of You Tracy Brogan Love Me Sweet
4. Good Girl Jana Aston Sure Thing
5. Good Luck with That Kristan Higgins If You Only Knew
6. Truly Ruthie Knox Madly
7. When Life Happened Jewel E. Ann Idle Bloom
8. Temporary Bliss BJ Harvey True Bliss
9. Wallflowers: Three of a Kind CP Smith Wallflowers: Double Trouble
10. The Home Court Advantage Penny Reid The Law of Attraction
11. This One Is Mine Harper Bentley Where'd You Go, Bernadette
12. Random Acts of Crazy Tracy Brogan Shopping for a Billionaire

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Romantic comedies have been delighting people for centuries. In fact, some of Shakespeare's most popular works, such as A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It, could easily be considered romcoms. This tradition of light-hearted, humorous stories centered around love continues to this day, in the form of contemporary, movies, tv shows, and books. In no particular order, here are 12 novels that will appeal to both your heart and your funny bone.

#1: "Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance" by Penny Reid. This novel tells the story of Janie Morris who experiences heartbreak after losing her boyfriend, her job, and her apartment on the same day. Adding insult to her injuries is the fact that her struggles are witnessed by her crush, Quinn Sullivan. The main protagonist is very cynical about her future until Quinn makes a very valuable offer that she finds hard to resist.

#2: "The BFD" by Harper Bentley. This story is about Calder Castleman, an arrogant pro football player who seems to get away with everything because of his looks and popularity. Despite his notoriety of being a conceited athlete, he claims that he is really a nice guy. But this doesn't help in convincing Rori Flannigan to go out with him. He comes up with a plan that will make her reconsider. Readers praise the book for the smart and funny banter between the two lead characters, who both have strong personalities.

Readers praise the book for the smart and funny banter between the two lead characters, who both have strong personalities.

#3: "My Kind of You" by Tracy Brogan. The story is about Emily Callaghan, a divorced and penniless mother of a 12-year-old child. She goes back to her old Michigan hometown of Trillium Bay to restore her grandmother's apartment in exchange for a loan. There, she faces her father who seems distant from her and her sister who is dating an old man. In the process of flipping the flat, she meets Ryan Taggert, a handsome and ambitious land developer who has many family issues as well. The two are mutually attracted to each other, despite their conflicted interests in real estate.

#4: "Good Girl" by Jana Aston. The story centers on Lydia who has been a respectable person for most of her life. She is a hard worker, she faithfully follows the rules, and she strives to meet all of her goals. One day, she is overcome by the urge to break the rules. She starts to crave the attention of her new boss, Rhys. Little does she know that the latter is attracted to her as well. Readers praise the book for its humorous portrayal of a good girl going wild.

#5: "Good Luck with That" by Kristan Higgins. This novel brings out a sense of compassion in its readers by highlighting the bond between three best friends. They've known each other since childhood, so it's hard for Georgia and Marley to cope when Emerson passes away. The dying friend leaves behind a final request: that her friends overcome their fears. Georgia needs to learn how to stop living up to her family's expectations, while Marley must let go of the survivor's guilt she's dealt with since her twin sister's death.

They've known each other since childhood, so it's hard for Georgia and Marley to cope when Emerson passes away.

#6: "Truly: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance" by Ruthie Knox. After relocating to Manhattan to be with her boyfriend, things turn sour for May Fredericks. She receives a terrible marriage proposal, breaks up with her boyfriend and storms out of the restaurant alone. Soon after, she is mugged by ruthless robbers who leave her with almost nothing. Ben Hausman appears and fends off her attackers. He himself is also dealing with relationship issues, brought about by a divorce that is affecting him both emotionally and financially. But in the end, maybe all of their hardships were worth it, since they were what brought them together.

#7: "When Life Happened" by Jewel E. Ann. The story revolves around the life of Parker Cruse who catches her ex-boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister. After that fateful day, she decides to give her life a new sense of direction. She moves out of her parent's house and finds a job. She becomes a personal assistant for Sabrina Westman who owns an engineering firm. Parker promises herself that she will stay focused on her job even if her boss's husband makes it difficult to concentrate.

#8: "Temporary Bliss" by BJ Harvey. This novel is about Makena Lewis, a woman who is allergic to the word "commitment." With no interest in serious relationships, she goes out with three "friends with benefits." Her feelings take a sudden turn when she meets Daniel Winters. As Daniel tries to take their relationship to the next level, the protagonist finds herself in a tough spot. The book is lauded for its wide range of emotions and the intriguing sexual tension between the characters.

As Daniel tries to take their relationship to the next level, the protagonist finds herself in a tough spot.

#9: "Wallflowers: Three of a Kind" by CP Smith. The story is about Calla Lily Armstrong, a woman who decides not to fall in love again. Together with two of her closest friends, they promise to find their own happy endings. But soon, Calla wants to open her heart to Devin Hawthorne, a retired police officer. The latter tries his best to protect her from a mysterious case. Working together to get out of the legal battle helps their relationship to grow into something truly special.

#10: "The Home Court Advantage " by N.M. Silber. The plot centers on Gabrielle and Braden, two lawyers who fall for each other during their courtroom encounters. As they share their lives as a couple, they face all kinds of challenges. They meet interesting people like nude drunk drivers, UFO believers, and shady businessmen. Mysterious characters surround their cases, and the court's decisions impact their relationship in surprising ways.

#11: "This One Is Mine" by Maria Semple. This novel focuses on Violet Perry, a woman who is already living the life in Hollywood Hills. With a rock and roll manager for a husband, a cute toddler for a child, and all the money she wants, Violet has everything. Or so everybody thinks. Deep inside, Violet is unhappy. She meets a bass player named Teddy who brings that much-needed spark into her life. The book is hailed for its satirical depiction of people's craving for affection and the poor choices they make to achieve happiness.

Deep inside, Violet is unhappy.

#12: "Random Acts of Crazy" by Julia Kent. The novel features the exploits of Darla Jo Jennings who randomly picks up a hitchhiker with only a guitar to cover his nakedness. Trevor Connor, the hitcher, happens to be the front man of a band which Carla is a huge fan of. Trevor will go to a law school the following year while she will continue living a boring life in her small town. Despite their differences, the two become attracted to each other. One day, the bassist's bandmate comes to take him home. This makes the situation more complicated for Darla as she likes both guys, and doesn't want them to leave.