9 Stellar YA Sci-Fi Novels Written by Women

If you're fascinated by dystopian futures, have a deep love of outer space, or just generally appreciate science fiction, you've come to the right place. Whether you're a teenager or an adult fan of YA novels, the nine stellar books listed here are sure to be a great addition to your bookshelf. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Stellar YA Sci-Fi Novels Written by Women

Title Author More by the Author
1. The Rain Virginia Bergin The Storm Who Runs the World?
2. A Conspiracy of Stars Olivia A. Cole An Anatomy of Beasts Panther in the Hive
3. This Splintered Silence Kayla Olson The Sandcastle Empire Pen and Paper Legacies
4. The Echo Room Parker Peevyhouse Where Futures End
5. Spinning Starlight R.C. Lewis Stitching Snow Among The Shadows
6. Earth Girl Janet Edwards Earth Star Earth Flight
7. Glory Maureen McGowan Deviants Compliance
8. Starglass Phoebe North Starbreak Stardawn
9. False Hearts Laura Lam Shattered Minds Creatures of Celebrity

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8 Classic Works of Sci-Fi Written by Women

The authors on this list stand on the shoulders of many famous writers who came before them and influenced the genre. Here are a few works that made science fiction what it is today:

  1. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  2. Citadel of Fear by Gertrude Barrows Bennett
  3. Metropolis by Thea von Harbou
  4. The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
  5. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler
  6. Orlando by Virginia Woolf
  7. The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett
  8. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

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In Depth

With engaging plots and out-of-this-world settings, science fiction novels often appeal to young adult readers. Throw some interesting protagonists and well-crafted writing into the mix, and these books are sure to tickle any reader's imagination. In no particular order, here are nine stellar Y.A. sci-fi novels written by women.

At the #1 spot is "The Rain" by Virginia Bergin. This is a thrilling and captivating story about Ruby, a sixteen-year-old girl who gets caught up in an apocalyptic event. She's at a party at a classmate's house when she hears panicked voices on the radio saying that the rain is deadly. Anyone who gets caught in it is doomed and tap water is no longer drinkable. Despite these scary circumstances, Ruby decides to find her dad, setting her off on a dangerous journey across the country.

Following at #2 is "A Conspiracy of Stars" by Olivia A. Cole. Written with exceptional world-building and vivid characterization, the book follows Octavia, who is given a chance to become a young scientist on the planet Faloiv. This has always been her dream, but she senses that something is not right. She soon discovers secrets that threaten her beliefs about her family and the science they have lived by. Octavia wastes no time and starts to investigate, hoping to uncover the truth.

This has always been her dream, but she senses that something is not right.

Coming in at #3 is "This Splintered Silence," a sci-fi thriller about Lindley Hamilton, the young leader of the space station Lusca. She becomes captain of the ship after the first generation crew members, including her mother, die of a virus. Now, she struggles to communicate with Earth and keep the ship running with the help of her friends. Worse, another teenage member dies from similar symptoms. Lindley suspects that there may be a killer among them. Author Kayla Olson masterfully writes this mysterious and intriguing story.

Next, at #4 is "The Echo Room" by Parker Peevyhouse. The plot centers on Rett Ward, a teenage boy who wakes up on the floor of a cold, dark room with a mysterious scar on his head. He soon realizes that he is locked in, and that he is not alone. With him in the room is a girl named Bryn. As the story progresses, they work together to escape, but neither one of them trusts the other.

Taking the #5 spot is "Spinning Starlight" by R.C. Lewis. A thrilling and mesmerizing adventure, this is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Wild Swans." It features Liddi Jantzen, a sixteen-year-old heiress of the most powerful tech family in the galaxy. Her life is suddenly turned upside-down when her brothers disappear. She is determined to find them, and when her voice is taken by her brothers' captor, she must use all her strength and wisdom to keep her siblings alive.

She is determined to find them, and when her voice is taken by her brothers' captor, she must use all her strength and wisdom to keep her siblings alive.

Following at #6 is "Earth Girl." Written by Janet Edwards, this book is set in the year 2788, when humans can portal between worlds. The protagonist, Jarra, is stuck on Earth because she cannot survive on other planets. She invents a fake background, pretending to be the daughter of military parents, in order to fit in with the other teens. She keeps the deception going until her group is forced to escape off-world due to a storm. Now, Jarra has to choose between safety and risking everything for her dream.

At the #7 spot is "Glory" by Maureen McGowan. The final book in the Dust Chronicles trilogy, it tells the story of Glory, who is a Deviant with a deadly gaze. She learns to control her power and only uses it on the monstrous Shredders, who are threats to her homeland, the domed city of Haven. She is also involved with complicated situations, including the possession of vital information about the government, and being at the center of a love triangle.

Coming in at #8 is "Starglass," by Phoebe North. This dystopian fiction features Terra, a sixteen-year-old girl who lives aboard a spaceship city called Asherah. She witnesses an innocent man being killed by a guard. This murder changes everything in Terra's life. She decides to join the simmering rebellion in order to bring power to ordinary people like her, and soon realizes that her choice will determine not only her own survival, but the fate of everyone else around her.

She witnesses an innocent man being killed by a guard.

Finally, at #9 is "False Hearts" by Laura Lam. This is an interesting tale of two formerly conjoined twins, Taema and Tila. They are successfully separated through a surgical procedure and given artificial hearts. Ten years later, after living different lives, Tila is arrested for murder. Convinced that her sister is innocent, Taema goes undercover to investigate, but she learns about a horrifying truth that links back to their past. As the pages are turned, more dirty secrets are unearthed and the twins' lives are turned upside down.