The Best Free Way To Make How-To Video

There are many times when you need to teach someone how to do something on the computer, but can't be there to explain it in person. It'd be great if they could watch you perform the task and do it themselves at the same time. That's where Ezvid Wikimaker comes in. This free editor lets you create videos online in your browser, then hosts them on Ezvid Wiki so you can share them with whoever you like. You can record activity on your screen and pair it with narration and music. We'll go over some of the features of Wikimaker and how you can use it to create how-to videos on a variety of subjects. Read up on how to use Wikimaker, and when you're ready, give it a try and make your first wiki. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

What Is Ezvid Wikimaker?

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that starts with a written piece of text, then adds narration through voice synthesis and pairs your words with music and free images and videos. You can edit entirely in your browser, and your videos will be hosted for free, so they can be watched by anyone to whom you give the URL. And with Wikimaker Capture, you can record your computer screen to walk viewers through complicated processes step by step. This is a great way to teach anyone a skill that is easier seen than described, and since they can watch the video as many times as they like, you can be sure the information will get across.

What Kinds Of How-To Videos Can Be Made With Wikimaker?

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Explanations of common web terms What Is A Meme?, What Is iCloud?
Step-by-step web tutorials How To Find A Job With Indeed, How To: Advanced Google Images Search
Setup for smartphone apps How To Download Facetime, How To Use Find My iPhone
Simple home skills How To Write A Check The Right Way, The Best Way To Draw A Rose
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In Depth

You're skilled with a computer and great at using the Internet, but there are times when you have to teach others. Perhaps your parents want to video chat with their grandchildren and can't figure it out. Or you're using new software at work and your employees need to learn it. Or maybe you're a teacher and have to show students how to find credible sources.

It's difficult to teach others what to do because you have to describe what's on your screen and hope they can find it on theirs. Spoken directions or written instructions often aren't enough, and many online tutorials are too complex for novices, so you'd like to make your own. Now there's an easy way to make videos that walk viewers through every step so they can see exactly what you're doing and replicate it themselves.

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that is easy to learn and allows you to make how-to videos that are specific to your audience, whether that's an entire company or just one interested grandma. You can edit entirely in your browser, which means you can work on it from any computer, and your finished videos will contain narration and music, along with footage of your computer screen as you walk viewers through any complicated processes step by step. When you're done, it'll be hosted online, so it can be watched at any time on the web.

When you're done, it'll be hosted online, so it can be watched at any time on the web.

Here's how Wikimaker works. Once you sign up for an account and log in, you can start a new wiki. At the top, choose your title. Then type your first paragraph in the box. Once you hit enter, Wikimaker will perform voice synthesis, which means the words you've typed will be spoken aloud as narration for your video. When you scroll down, you'll see that your first section can be watched right away. Listen back to your writing and make any edits you wish to make.

On the left side of your screen, you'll see that Wikimaker has already provided free fair use images and videos and paired them with words in your text. When those words are spoken in the narration, those images will appear. You can delete any images you don't wish to include. Some also have multiple options, which you can see if you hover your mouse over them. You can also search among a vast library to choose any clips you'd like to use.

You aren't limited to the free images provided. You can also upload files, which means any still pictures or video files on your computer can be included to make the video more entertaining or give it that personal touch. And with Wikimaker Capture, which is available as a Chrome browser extension or as a free download for Windows and Mac, you can capture your screen to show specific examples of your subject matter.

And with Wikimaker Capture, which is available as a Chrome browser extension or as a free download for Windows and Mac, you can capture your screen to show specific examples of your subject matter.

With both versions, you can capture images found on the Internet. And with the desktop version, you can take screenshots of other programs, crop and resize images, and even draw on them to add emphasis. Once you're done, your images will appear in the "Ready" section, where you can link them to words in your text.

But the best feature of Wikimaker Capture is the ability to make screen recordings. In the Chrome version, you can show activity on web pages. Scroll down to show where to find key sections. Perform Google searches so your audience can see exactly where you found an important link. You can even fill out online forms so they'll see how it's done.

And with the desktop version, you can record your entire computer screen. This means you can carry out long processes step by step and include multiple tabs. You can record activity in a word processing program to walk students through how to use it. Or you can set up software while recording and explain what you're doing in your narration. Gamers will be able to record game footage with a simple click of the mouse.

And with the desktop version, you can record your entire computer screen.

When you add your recordings to your video, you'll get to choose the starting frame. This means you can take one long video and enter it multiple times starting at different points.

Once your paragraph is complete, you can watch back the full video, complete with your narration. Repeat the process until you're done, then submit your wiki for publishing. The video will be posted on Ezvid Wiki, along with a written version of your text. Since file hosting is free, all you need to do is share the URL with someone, and they'll be able to watch the video anywhere. They can follow along while filling out forms or setting up programs on their own computers.

With easy screen recording, online editing, and free file hosting, Ezvid Wikimaker gives you the freedom to make videos about whatever you like. Anything you want to teach, whether it's on the computer or out in the real world, can be explained with a thorough video wiki complete with narration, music, and a step by step demonstration to make sure you get through to your audience.