9 Breathtaking New Adult Books About Intense Romances

If you enjoy love stories about young couples but aren't quite in the mood for a young adult book, you've come to the right place. The new adult romances listed here focus on people in their late teens and twenties dealing with major life changes, figuring out their futures, and having passionate relationships along the way. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

New Adult Romance: Our 9 Picks

Title Author
1. Change of Heart Jennifer L. Allen
2. Less Than Nothing R.E. Blake
3. Across the Distance Marie Meyer
4. Choose Us Caylie Marcoe
5. Dirty Little Secret Willow Sanders
6. Rock & Release Riley Edgewood
7. Caged in Winter Brighton Walsh
8. Just a Little Crush Renita Pizzitola
9. Strength Carrie Butler

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  2. Once (2007)
  3. Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)
  4. The Notebook (2004)
  5. Dirty Dancing (1987)
  6. Sydney White (2007)
  7. Amélie (2001)
  8. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

The Science of Love

In Depth

Teen love stories might sizzle, but the new adult romances included on this list really bring the heat. Going beyond puppy love, they feature characters between the ages of eighteen and thirty who experience the intense pull of desire. For those looking to have their breaths taken away, here, in no particular order, are nine scintillating books about passionate relationships.

For #1 we have "Change of Heart" by Jennifer L. Allen. Decker is left saddened and confused when his longtime best pal and crush, Casey, leaves unannounced for California after their high school graduation. The two reunite three years later, but hostilities and secrets left from their abrupt separation still linger. When Casey returns to California, Decker follows her there, determined to hold on to his childhood friend and perhaps take their relationship to the next level.

Coming in at #2 is "Less Than Nothing" by R.E. Blake. Teenage runaway Sage spends her days on the streets of San Francisco, busking for change and trying to avoid cops and predators. When Derek, a sexy and talented young musician from Seattle, begins performing on her turf, Sage's life is thrown for a loop. Their initially hesitant partnership transforms into a budding romance as they travel across the country to partake in a singing competition.

When Derek, a sexy and talented young musician from Seattle, begins performing on her turf, Sage's life is thrown for a loop.

For #3 we come to "Across the Distance" by Marie Meyer. Following the deaths of her mom and dad on September 11, six-year-old Jillian moved in with her grandparents. Neighbor Griffin became her childhood protector through tough times, and the two stayed the closest of friends. Now, twelve years later, life circumstances are forcing them apart. While Jillian struggles with being in college hundreds of miles away from home, she is concerned that Griffin, who is preoccupied with the growing success of his band, is slipping away from her. Can these lifelong friends overcome the distance between them and salvage a relationship that has the potential to turn into romance?

Coming in at #4 is "Choose Us" by Caylie Marcoe. Out of commission due to a fractured ankle and desperate to fill his time, B.M.X. rider Travis decides to be the bachelor on a sports-themed dating show. There's only one condition: his best friend Riley must join him, acting undercover among the contestants and advising him on who to pick. But when Travis ends up getting intimate with one of the girls his friend most abhors, their plan starts to fall apart along with their relationship. The impromptu T.V. bachelor will have to choose someone, and Riley is beginning to think it should be her.

For #5 we get "Dirty Little Secret" by Willow Sanders. Twenty-four-year-old Ivy League graduate Hillary is trying to launch her career, but she can't seem to leave college life behind. When she visits her friend Bert's radio studio one alcohol-fueled night, flirting turns into something heavier. The next thing she knows, she's on a live video stream sleeping with Chicago's "D.J. XTC." Fortunately for Hillary, the fuzzy quality of the feed obscures her identity. However, her red-soled shoes might just give away her secret to the whole city.

Fortunately for Hillary, the fuzzy quality of the feed obscures her identity.

Arriving at #6 is "Rock and Release" by Riley Edgewood. During her college summer vacation, Cassidy gets a better escape than she was expecting when she meets guitarist Gage Logan. But even though he's sexy, sweet, and dynamite under the sheets, their relationship soon becomes weighed down by painful memories from Cassidy's past. When she finds herself unexpectedly falling for Luca James, a pompous but roguishly charming rock star, a choice between two men becomes a decision that could shape her future.

For #7 we have "Caged in Winter" by Brighton Walsh. Eager to begin her adult life, Winter Jacobson just needs to get through the remaining seventy-six days of college without any trouble. But when smitten cook Cade Maxwell rescues her from a handsy drunken customer at the bar where she works, Winter realizes it won't be such smooth sailing. Courted by Cade but afraid to return his affections, the self-reliant young woman will have to figure out how to negotiate a relationship she can't admit to wanting.

At #8 is "Just a Little Crush" by Renita Pizzitola. In high school, Ryder humiliated Brinley after a game of spin the bottle ended in disaster. Brinley became sworn enemies with him, but Ryder never forgot the heavenly kiss they shared before everything went south. Now, as the two prepare to leave for the same college, their contentious relationship is rekindled. Despite what happened four years ago, they suddenly find themselves drawn back to one another, with potentially dangerous consequences.

In high school, Ryder humiliated Brinley after a game of spin the bottle ended in disaster.

Finally, for #9 we come to "Strength" by Carrie Butler. This steamy paranormal romance centers on college student Rena, who falls head-over-heels for Wallace, a hunky campus recluse. Although he possesses everything she could ask for in a lover, there's one major problem: he's gifted with a superhuman strength that prevents him from touching her. As war threatens to break out among Wallace's race and he pushes Rena away to avoid further conflict, the pair's intense bond reaches its possible breaking point.