10 Fabulous Fantasy Romance Novels

Romantic fantasies can be so much more than daydreaming about the cute guy at work. Stories about people in love standing by each other's sides while facing not only personal issues, but epic battles and magical obstacles, are entertaining and enthralling. If that sounds interesting to you, check out the ten fabulous novels on this list. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Fabulous Fantasy Romance Novels

Title Author More by the Author
1. Assassin's Gambit Amy Raby Spy's Honor
2. Of Light and Darkness Shayne Leighton Of Blood and Magic
3. Divergent Bloodline T.J. Shaw Rogue Dragon Rising
4. Haven Lindsay J. Pryor Rogue
5. Bound C.K. Bryant Broken
6. Demon Unbound Jenn Stark Demon Forsaken
7. A Bond of Venom and Magic Karen Tomlinson A Bond Of Blood and Fire
8. The Shattered Court M.J. Scott The Forbidden Heir
9. Moon Kissed Jennifer Snyder Moon Hunted
10. Red Kate SeRine The Better To See You

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10 Great Fantasy Romance Films

  1. Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
  2. Graveyard Shift (1987)
  3. To Die For (1988)
  4. Ghost (1990)
  5. Practical Magic (1998)
  6. Tuck Everlasting (2002)
  7. Warm Bodies (2013)
  8. Beautiful Creatures (2013)
  9. Vampire Academy (2014)
  10. I Am Dragon (2015)

How Fantasy Reflects Our World

In Depth

When mixed with fantasy, a love story stops being a simple matter of will-they-or-won't-they and becomes an epic adventure, where two people must face insurmountable odds side by side. Magic and legendary creatures heighten drama and add an extra layer of action that's sure to keep readers glued to their seats. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of ten fabulous fantasy romance novels. Take note that this list is done in no particular order.

First up, at #1, we have "Assassin's Gambit." Written by Amy Raby, it's the first entry of her "Hearts and Thrones" series. Vitala Salonius is an assassin whose primary objective is to free the country of Riorca by killing Emperor Lucien. As a highly skilled player of Caturanga, a chess-like war game, she's invited to the palace to play with the emperor himself. Unfortunately, Vitala starts developing feelings for Lucien, and when his own people set out to dethrone him, she finds herself protecting the very man she was sent to kill.

Next, at #2, is "Of Light and Darkness" by Shayne Leighton. When Charlotte Ruzikova was a baby, she was abandoned on the streets of Prague before being rescued and raised by a vampire named Valek. A regular human, she grows up as an outsider in the supernatural community. Now an adult, she and Valek develop a romantic relationship, and when she refuses the advances of a man named Aiden, she gets thrust into a war between vampires and elves.

When Charlotte Ruzikova was a baby, she was abandoned on the streets of Prague before being rescued and raised by a vampire named Valek.

At #3 is "Divergent Bloodline" by T.J. Shaw. Viviane Taylor is a homicide detective whose latest murder investigation leads her to the enigmatic Julian DeMatteo. During their first confrontation, she finds herself oddly attracted to him, and unbeknownst to her, he's a very powerful vampire who already knows more about her case than she does. As they spend more time with each other, shocking secrets about Viviane's past explain her strange connection with DeMatteo, and she suddenly finds herself becoming a key figure in the vampire clans' affairs.

Next up, at #4, we have "Haven" by Lindsay J. Pryor. It's a spinoff of her "Blackthorn" series, and it's set in the harsh and gritty district of Lowtown. Ember works at a cafe that is often visited by a handsome man named Nate. She's smitten by him, but because he's a vampire, she doesn't want to form a relationship, as it would hurt her chances of getting accepted into the much safer Midtown. When her dark and mysterious past catches up with her, Ember has no choice but to work with Nate in order to survive.

At #5 is "Bound" by C.K. Bryant. When Kira discovers that her best friend Lydia is a shapeshifter from another planet, her life is changed forever. Thrust into a world full of magic, Kira finds herself making very powerful enemies, and now she has to risk her own life to protect both Lydia and her stepbrother, Octavion. It's an action-packed tale full of many twists and turns that is sure to keep readers engaged until the very end.

It's an action-packed tale full of many twists and turns that is sure to keep readers engaged until the very end.

Next, at #6, is "Demon Unbound" by Jenn Stark. Warrick is the leader of the Syx, a special ops team that hunts down unruly demons. When an undercover cop named Maria Santos asks God for help in finding her cousin's murderer, she unwittingly summons Warrick, who's tasked with protecting her and eliminating a dangerous demon who is on the verge of unleashing hell on Earth. When he finds out that they're both looking for the same person, they have to work together in order to save the world.

At #7 is "A Bond of Venom and Magic." Written by Karen Tomlinson, it's the first book of her "The Goddess and the Guardians" series. When half-blood Diamond Gillon's home is attacked by the treacherous Wraith Lord's forces, she's saved by Hugo Casimir, commander of the fae queen's elite guard. Diamond eventually learns that people are after her because she possesses magic that can be used to take over the world, and now she has to make sure that this power doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Next up, at #8, we have "The Shattered Court" by M.J. Scott. In Anglion, witches are bound by rites of marriage. This allows the royal court to control their powers for their own benefit. Shortly before her 21st birthday, when she'll find out whether or not she's a witch, Sophia Kendall is forced to escape the city after the capital of Anglion is brutally attacked. Unbound and blessed with powerful magic, Sophia must learn to control her abilities before the enemies of her country can get a hold of her.

This allows the royal court to control their powers for their own benefit.

At #9 is "Moon Kissed" by Jennifer Snyder. It's the first entry of her "Mirror Lake Wolves" series, which revolves around the many problems faced by the eponymous werewolf pack and how a girl named Mina Ryan is responsible for solving them. In this book, she has to find a member of her pack who has mysteriously disappeared. Along the way, Mina is haunted by the thought of becoming an outsider to her community because her werewolf gene has yet to trigger, and she isn't sure if it ever will.

Finally, at #10, we have "Red" by Kate SeRine. Set in a reality where fairytale characters were accidentally sent to the real world, the story focuses on a woman named Tess, also known as Little Red Riding Hood. When someone starts murdering her fellow Tales in Chicago, Tess is forced to work with Nate Grimm, the lead detective of the Fairytale Management Authority. Together, they have to hunt down a killer who threatens to expose their existence to the humans.