10 Regal Romance Novels About Royals And Aristocrats

Being swept away by a dashing prince or duke is a lovely fantasy that many people dream about. Readers who want to live vicariously through characters who are pursued by the powerful & well-to-do should certainly check out the ten regal romance books listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Regal Romance Novels About Royals And Aristocrats

Title Author
1. Royally Roma Teri Wilson
2. A Royal Pain Megan Mulry
3. Chasing Ordinary Pandora Spocks
4. The Other Countess Eve Edwards
5. Highland Intrigue Ceci Giltenan
6. The Devilish Duke Maddison Michaels
7. Wedded Bliss Barbara Metzger
8. Wicked Shannon Drake
9. A Princess in Theory Alyssa Cole
10. Rings of Passage Karla Tipton

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In Depth

Trying to find your true love is hard enough under normal circumstances, but what happens when you have the weight of a crown on your head? When royals get romantic, lovers must navigate drama, intrigue, and trust to find their happy endings. For those who enjoy stories full of princes, lords, and earls, here, in no particular order, are ten glamorous novels about regal romance.

In the #1 spot, we have "Royally Roma" by Teri Wilson. Graduate student Julia Costa doesn't have time for romance or gossip. She needs to finish her PhD and hold down her job as a tour guide. Niccolo La Torre, the Crown Prince of Lazaretto, is exhausted from cleaning up his royal brother's messes, and is tired of the paparazzi's watching eyes. When Julia mistakes him for her next client, the prince joins her for a magical day exploring Rome. Now, Julia and Niccolo must face their pasts, and their identities, if they are to be together.

Coming in at #2, we have "A Royal Pain" by Megan Mulry. High-powered marketing expert Bronte Talbott is addicted to the British royal family. She can't get enough of their melodrama and scandals, especially when her seemingly-perfect boyfriend breaks up with her. All of this makes Max Heyworth seem like the perfect rebound. He's British, getting his PhD at a local university, and utterly charming. But it's a complete surprise when it turns out that he's also a duke. At first, it seems like nothing could dampen their connection, but Bronte isn't sure if she can transition from reading about royals to becoming one.

All of this makes Max Heyworth seem like the perfect rebound.

At #3 is "Chasing Ordinary" by Pandora Spocks. Petey Cavanaugh is a young widow who works on her in-laws' ranch by day, and at night sculpts her visions into reality. While on a trip to New York to show her art and raise money for the ranch, Petey gets splashed by businessman "Nik." Nik is immediately attracted to her, but is shocked that Petey doesn't know who he is. After all, Nik is Prince Stefan of Beruvia, and it seems like the whole world is waiting for him to get married. The more Nik gets to know Petey, the more he realizes that they both want to be ordinary people. Will Petey still want him when she finds out the truth?

For #4 we have "The Other Countess" by Eve Edwards. After her father loses their fortune and home, Ellie is grateful for her new place in Queen Elizabeth's court. However, when a chance meeting with Earl Lacey creates sparks, it turns her world upside-down. After all, he's the one who's responsible for her homelessness. William Lacey is in a pickle: his father's death made him an earl and a pauper, so he must marry an heiress or face financial ruin. With their hearts and fortunes in the balance, Will and Ellie must choose between love and duty.

Coming in at #5 is "Highland Intrigue" by Ceci Giltenan. Lady Gillian MacLennan knows that her clan needs a new laird to replace her murdered father, and she is ready to marry to make it happen. She must face a hard choice when the king orders her to marry Fingal MacIan, the son of her father's killer. Should she become a nun and leave her home forever, or sacrifice her happiness for the clan? When her baby sister begs her to stay, she settles down to a life of duty. However, strange and dangerous incidents begin to assail Fingal and Gillian, and they must come together to find and stop the person responsible.

She must face a hard choice when the king orders her to marry Fingal MacIan, the son of her father's killer.

For #6 we have "The Devilish Duke" by Maddison Michaels. Devlin Markham likes being a rake. His shallow relationships keep things pleasant and painless. When Queen Victoria demands that he marry or lose his fortune, he decides to do so in name only. Lady Sophie Wolcott is Devlin's perfect choice. She cares only for her books and the orphanage she volunteers at, and will leave him alone. Sophie does not want to marry a rake, but agrees when faced with the possible destruction of her beloved orphanage. Devlin and Sophie soon challenge each other's preconceptions and hearts. Will their marriage of mutual convenience become more than they intended?

At #7, we have "Wedded Bliss" by Barbara Metzger. Robert Rothmore, Earl of Rockford, needs someone to mother his two boys so he can get back to enjoying life. He decides that Alissa Henning is the perfect candidate after she rescues his youngest son. Alissa does not want to be some lord's wedded nanny, but life is hard for a widow with two children and food must be put on the table. She accepts Robert's offer, and soon realizes that her new husband doesn't know anything about his own sons, or what "family" means. If they are ever to become a true family, Alissa must show Robert the joys of fatherhood, and of love.

In the #8 spot we have "Wicked" by Shannon Drake. In this modern re-telling of "Beauty and the Beast," Camille Montgomery is a self-taught Egyptian antiquities expert who works in a museum and delights in unearthing the past. Brian Sterling, the Earl of Carlyle, is a man determined to discover who murdered his parents while they were hunting for Egyptian artifacts. When Brian meets Camille, he realizes that he has found the perfect pawn to help him flush out his parents' killer. Now, Brian and Camille must hunt the streets and salons of London to uncover the truth.

Now, Brian and Camille must hunt the streets and salons of London to uncover the truth.

At #9 is "A Princess in Theory" by Alyssa Cole. Naledi Smith is a hustling grad student who has no time to waste on scam e-mails from African princes. After all, her experiences in the foster system taught her that it's up to her and the scientific method to make her dreams come true. Prince Thabiso of Thesolo has journeyed to the United States to find his fiancee. However, he never thought that she would mistake him for a common server. Thabiso must now learn what it's like to have an ordinary life if he intends to woo his extraordinary love.

And finally, coming in at #10 is "Rings of Passage" by Karla Tipton. When Anise Wynford joined the local production of Shakespeare's "Richard III," she never expected to be transported back in time into the arms of the title character. Now, Anise is discovering that the real person is very different from the monstrous king portrayed on stage. His gallant charm and secret pain soon win her loyalty, and her love. However, Richard is destined to die, and the fateful day is fast approaching. Surrounded by supernatural forces and political games, Anise must somehow save her love and not destroy history in the process.