13 Passionate Books That Show The Wide Range of Romantic Fantasy

If you enjoy love stories about shape-shifters, vampires, witches, and other magical beings, you should definitely check out the thirteen wonderful books listed here. These enchanting tales are full of couples who must overcome seemingly insurmountable paranormal obstacles in order to be with each other. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Romantic Fantasy Novels: Our 13 Picks

Title Author
1. City of Circles Jess Richards
2. Shards of Sass Robbie Cox
3. Victor A.K. Michaels
4. Master of Seduction Angela Knight
5. The Jaguar King Anna McIlwraith
6. Dragon's Egg Maria E. Schneider
7. A Carpet of Purple Flowers Tracey-anne McCartney
8. The Black Swans N.W. Moors
9. To Tame a Wild Heart Gwen Mitchell
10. Bonds of Hate Andrew Ashling
11. Illuminati Elizabeth Alsobrooks
12. Destiny Calls Kathryn Heaney
13. Reaper Dreaming Christie Palmer

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10 Great Fantasy Romance Films

  1. Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
  2. Graveyard Shift (1987)
  3. To Die For (1988)
  4. Ghost (1990)
  5. Practical Magic (1998)
  6. Tuck Everlasting (2002)
  7. Warm Bodies (2013)
  8. Beautiful Creatures (2013)
  9. Vampire Academy (2014)
  10. I Am Dragon (2015)

Why Fantasy Matters

In Depth

In fantasy, people are often brought together by a common enemy or goal that they can only overcome if they work together. From light romance to steamy erotica, the love stories on this list feature couples facing insurmountable odds as they navigate imaginative worlds full of deadly adversaries. With that said, here, in no particular order, are thirteen passionate books that show the wide range of romantic fantasy.

First up, at #1, we have "City of Circles" by Jess Richards. After losing her parents, tightrope walker Danu only has her mother's locket left as a remembrance, and she refuses to open it. Morrie, a hunchback who wants to marry her, helps her come up with new high-wire acts, but she can't reciprocate his love until she learns to deal with her grief. When the circus arrives at her birthplace, Danu musters up the courage to open the locket, revealing a mystery that might finally help her move on, if she manages to solve it.

Next, at #2, is "Shards of Sass" by Robbie Cox. Upon learning that the wolf shifter she has been in a relationship with is not her mate, witch Adira Brennan leaves for Bull Creek, where her services are needed. There, she meets Dimitri Everest, a shifter who's the alpha of the town. Realizing that they're mates, the pair quickly fall in love, and together, they must fend off Bane, who leads a pack of coyotes.

There, she meets Dimitri Everest, a shifter who's the alpha of the town.

At #3 is "Victor" by A.K. Michaels. Victor Strong is an old vampire who has spent his entire life hiding among humans, struggling to keep his insatiable thirst for blood in check. One day, he catches the scent of his mate, whose irresistible aroma somehow pacifies his thirst. Now, he must find the woman who is destined to be his partner before he descends into madness and exposes his true nature to the world.

Next, at #4, is Angela Knight's "Master of Seduction." Rachel Kent is chosen to be a Magekind witch, but in order to become one, she must prove herself to the vampire who will facilitate her transformation. Court Seducer Nathaniel Allard must have sex with Rachel three times in order to turn her into a witch, but her powers may cause her to go insane, which will force him to kill her to protect both himself and mankind.

Next up, at #5, we have "The Jaguar King" by Anna McIlwraith. Emma Chase is a seemingly normal girl whose roommate is a shapeshifter. When another shifter shows up at her doorstep, Emma learns that she plays a pivotal role in an old prophecy. In order to learn more about her true nature and fulfill her destiny, she must find the Jaguar King before his enemies get to her first.

When another shifter shows up at her doorstep, Emma learns that she plays a pivotal role in an old prophecy.

Next, at #6, is "Dragon's Egg" by Maria E. Schneider. Winter is a skilled thief residing in the town of Anton. As she plans to leave for greener pastures, she's forced to steal a unicorn and struggles to safely smuggle it out of town. Soon, Winter finally finds a way out, but first, she must pull off a very difficult heist. With the unicorn in tow, she sets out to finish the seemingly impossible task given to her, meeting new friends along the way.

At #7 is "A Carpet of Purple Flowers" by Tracey-anne McCartney. Bea is just a normal woman who owns a secondhand bookshop in London. One night, she encounters two strange men from another realm. They belong to opposing sects of an ancient race, and as Bea tries to figure out why she can suddenly see their kind, she finds herself falling in love with both men. She's eventually forced to choose between them, and her choice will have far-reaching consequences.

Next up, at #8, we have "The Black Swans" by N.W. Moors. Taisie MacDonnell lives in Antrim, Maine, where a Celtic band has recently moved in. She quickly falls in love with the band's pipe player, and soon learns that he and his siblings are all victims of a centuries-old curse. As she gets closer to her new beau, Taisie is pulled into both a passionate romance and a world of powerful and dangerous magic.

Taisie MacDonnell lives in Antrim, Maine, where a Celtic band has recently moved in.

Next, at #9, is Gwen Mitchell's "To Tame a Wild Heart." Unaware of her true lineage, Audrey grows up with strange powers that she uses to survive. After some time, she's captured by witches, who threaten to take away her powers if she refuses to learn the rules of their magical society. As an untrained witch, Audrey is paired up with an empath named Corvin, who is forced to teach her before evil sorcerers take her away for their own greedy desires.

At #10 is "The Invisible Chains" by Andrew Ashling. Half-brothers Anaxantis and Ehandar are the youngest sons of Ximerion's king. When the kingdom is attacked by a foreign power, their father sends them off to the Northern Marches, where they must learn to lead the people against barbarians. The brothers despise each other and wish to govern on their own, but over time, they develop an incestuous relationship and realize that the king may have ulterior motives for sending them north.

Next, at #11, is "Illuminati - The Book of Life" by Elizabeth Alsobrooks. Luc Vargas and Nalini are from two ancient rival bloodlines. They have both been tasked with finding and retrieving the legendary Book of Life for their respective families, eliminating the other if necessary. Things get complicated when they start falling for each other, since their families have different plans for the eponymous artifact, which contains the secrets of immortality.

Luc Vargas and Nalini are from two ancient rival bloodlines.

At #12 is Kathryn Heaney's "Destiny Calls." After unwittingly creating a portal to another dimension, Laura Evans finds herself hunted down by Lucifer, who believes that her soul is the only thing preventing him from ruling the world. She soon meets a man named Vaaron, who claims that she is the reincarnation of his wife, a fierce warrior named Lauren. Caught in an epic battle between good and evil, Laura gains new magical abilities that, with the help of Vaaron, she must master in order to defeat Lucifer.

Finally, at #13, we have "Reaper Dreaming" by Christie Palmer. Hunter is a Reaper and ruler of Treachery, the ninth circle of hell. One day, he's summoned by a mortal who wishes to strike a deal with the devil, hoping to sell a woman named Lailah, who the angels are protecting for unknown reasons, in exchange for copious amounts of gold. When the negotiation turns sour, Hunter returns the woman to the mortal world, and after a sudden intimate moment, he finds himself falling in love with her. What makes Lailah so special? And why is Hunter so drawn to her?