5 Charming American Festivals Worth Traveling For

Festivals bring communities together to celebrate art, culture, history, or a specific subject that people are passionate about. While they are often time-honored traditions for locals, these events can also be a lot of fun for travelers. If you're looking for something unique to do on your next vacation, check out the five charming festivals listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Great Festivals In The U.S.

Organization Location Mission
Trailing Of The Sheep Festival Hailey, ID Gather, present, and preserve the history and culture of sheep ranching and herding in Idaho and the West
LA Pride West Hollywood, CA Create safe and inclusive spaces for self-expression, inspire an authentic sense of activism in the continued fight for equality, and celebrate the unique heritage and diverse cultures of Los Angeles' LGBTQ+ community and its allies
Texas Book Festival Austin, TX Connect authors and readers through experiences that celebrate the culture of literacy, ideas, and imagination
Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival Norwich, NY Bring art to the community and celebrate the artists who create it
Brooklyn Film Festival Brooklyn, NY Provide a public forum in Brooklyn in order to advance public interest in films and the independent production of films

Ways To Engage In Lifelong Learning

  • Visit a festival or a museum
  • Read both fiction and non-fiction as often as you can
  • Teach others what you know
  • Explore new places
  • Start a creative project, like a vlog or podcast
  • Get a good desk for your home
  • Join a study group
  • Take a hike through nature
  • Listen to different types of music
  • Look up words you don't know in the dictionary

5 Reasons To Watch Independent Films

  1. Check out up & coming filmmakers
  2. See unique stories
  3. Enjoy the artist's undiluted vision
  4. Gain a new perspective
  5. Support the local community

How to Encourage Kids to Read

Reading is a great activity for kids and adults year-round, not just during the Texas Book Festival. A great way to start encouraging young ones to read more is to get a bookshelf for your child's room. If they have access to their own collection of books, it'll be easy for them to read at their own pace. And if they're looking at the shelf everyday, reading will always be on their mind. It's also important to give your kids a comfortable place to sit. This can be anything from a rocking chair to a couch to a dedicated reading nook. If they have a space that's just for them, it makes reading time all the more special. As they grow, your young ones will start to read more challenging books with words they don't know. Encourage them to look up unfamiliar terms in the dictionary so they can expand their vocabulary. Finally, if you're having trouble getting your kid interested in books in the first place, try bridging the gap between visual media and literature with graphic novels.

The Arts Festival Revolution

In Depth

Festivals can bring people together in a way that is unique and meaningful, despite differences in the background or lifestyle of attendees. Whether sharing a passionate interest or hobby, participating in long-ago traditions, or celebrating a lifestyle, these events facilitate sharing and understanding across boundaries. Here, in no particular order, are five festivals you'll want to pack your bags for.

#1 on our list is Trailing Of The Sheep Festival, which takes place in Idaho. This festival aims to preserve the stories and history of sheep ranchers and herders with five days of nonstop events. Through entertainment and education, visitors and locals alike celebrate the cultures of the past and present. Activities include cooking classes, a sheepherder hike, and storytelling from local historians.

Championship sheepdog trials allow visitors to watch the dogs in action. Attendees can also sign up for a sheep photography session where they can take pictures of the sheep in the mountains. As part of the animals' annual migration to winter pastures, there is a parade with dancers, musicians, and over 1,000 sheep. Volunteers are needed to take tickets, host performers, and help the press.

As part of the animals' annual migration to winter pastures, there is a parade with dancers, musicians, and over 1,000 sheep.

Next, at #2, is LA Pride. It has built a rich history as an active voice for the LGBTQ+ community across the Los Angeles area. With musical guests and performances, Pride is a celebration of free-expression and community building. It is a champion for equality, diversity, and inclusion, working to make a positive and lasting impact. This gathering gives people the chance to celebrate one another and support each other in a safe and fun environment.

LA Pride believes it's critical to acknowledge and learn from the history of social revolution and allow the past to inform and create a more accepting future. Past festivals have included shopping events, comedy shows, and a silent disco. Allies and supporters are always welcome to get involved with this festival. Volunteer opportunities are available, and some come with perks like a free t-shirt or single-day entry to the festival.

Coming in at #3 is Texas Book Festival, one of the largest literary festivals in the country. It connects authors and readers by celebrating the culture of literacy, imagination, and ideas. Founded in 1995 by First Lady Laura Bush, it has hosted thousands of nationally and critically recognized authors over the years. Part of this organization's mission is to promote literacy, and funds raised at the Festival support grants to Texas libraries.

Part of this organization's mission is to promote literacy, and funds raised at the Festival support grants to Texas libraries.

In its effort to inspire Texans of all ages to love reading, it arranges for authors to visit local schools through its Reading Rock Stars program. Volunteers are needed each year at the Festival, or you can purchase a Festival Friends Pass, which provides priority access and the proceeds help keep admission free. Donations are also accepted year-round to fund the Festival and its outreach programs.

#4 on the list is Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival. It is an outdoor, interactive festival in New York. There are creative culinary arts, hands-on art projects, and literary activities. It provides artists with the opportunity to showcase and sell their work. It also introduces visitors to new experiences, like paper quilling, sensory coloring, and dance demonstrations.

The festival's stages offer musical performances and children's shows, like puppeteers and jugglers. Colorscape runs on the power of its volunteers. If you're interested in helping, you can reach out through its website to get involved. Artists are encouraged to apply for exhibitor spots, as well.

The festival's stages offer musical performances and children's shows, like puppeteers and jugglers.

In the #5 spot is the Brooklyn Film Festival. Organized by the Brooklyn Film Society, the BFF is an international, competitive festival working to advance public interest in, and independent production of, films. It is focused on promoting artistic excellence and the freedom of artists to create without censure. Films from past years have been nominated and awarded at both the British Academy Awards and the Oscars.

KidsFilmFest, one of BFF's oldest programs, is held for, and by, young filmmakers and tailored to film lovers of all ages. You can attend this festival and experience Brooklyn as a center for cinema, or you can get hands-on and help. Volunteers are needed for things like public relations, design, programming, and production.