9 Chilling Romantic Suspense Novels

Without conflict, stories don't feel satisfying. We need low points in order to truly appreciate happier times. Taking this to its extreme, romantic suspense mixes moments of passion and feelings of love with dangerous situations and high stakes. If you enjoy a good mix of fast-paced adventure and amorous romance, check out these nine fantastic novels. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Chilling Romantic Suspense Novels

Title Author More by the Author
1. Forged in Fire Trish McCallan Forged In Ash
2. Moving Home P.J. Fiala Moving to Love
3. Charade Lisa Marie Rice Masquerade
4. Xavier O'Brien Jessica Ingro Aurora James
5. Hot Justice Lynn Raye Harris Hot Pursuit
6. Cyclone Janie Crouch Eagle
7. Craving Justice Fiona Archer Tempting Justice
8. Wicked Gentleman Christy Pastore Bound to Me
9. Redesigning Fate A.M. Wilson Resurrecting Her

Fun Date Ideas For Your Real-Life Romance

Hopefully your real relationship involves a lot less danger than these novels, leaving you plenty of time for romantic activities.

What is Suspense?

Suspense is a feeling that is essentially a mixture of excitement, fascination, tension, and anxiety. It is often caused by a dramatic work, like one of the novels listed above or a film by Alfred Hitchcock. It can also arise due to real-life circumstances, although that's usually a lot less pleasant as the danger involved is actually a threat. In a book or movie, the audience knows that the villains and dark situations aren't real and can't hurt them, so they can enjoy the rush of adrenaline caused by suspense. This keeps fans of thrillers and mysteries coming back for more.

Common Tropes in Romantic Suspense

While there are a million ways to tell stories in this genre, there are several tropes that writers return to again and again, often adding their own twists. Here are a few common examples:

How to Make Your Writing Suspenseful

In Depth

Who said romance had to be all hearts and flowers? For readers who like their love stories with a bit of extra kick, it's simply not enough to dive into a bland tale of star-crossed lovers. In some of the best books about forbidden romance and impossible love, characters have to fight against the elements, duck danger, and move heaven and earth just to be together. If you can't get your fill of sultry stories that leave your heart racing, here, in no particular order, are some of the best romances with a side of suspense.

First up, we have Trish McCallan's "Forged in Fire." When Beth Brown has a violent, startling dream about a handsome stranger's death on a tarmac, she knows she has to get to the scene of the crime. Once there, she finds Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters, a tortured SEAL blessed with second sight. Together, they have to find out what their combined visions of the future mean, and how to stop one of the most deadly hijackings in history. With some time left over for hooking up, of course.

At #2 we find "Moving Home" by P.J. Fiala. J.T. and Kayden just want to raise their daughter in a peaceful environment. Too bad the biker gang they once belonged to has radically different plans. With the couple on the run from their past, things start to look almost promising in their new town of Green Bay. But when Kayden gets kidnapped at a gas station, it's up to J.T. to protect his family and free them from their toxic ties for good.

Too bad the biker gang they once belonged to has radically different plans.

Coming in at #3 is Lisa Marie Rice's "Charade." When Mark Redmond meets Harper Kendall, sparks fly in the City of Light. But even with a steamy night of romance behind her, Harper isn't so sure about this cryptic, handsome stranger who wants more than just a one-night stand. Is Mark who he seems to be, or is the truth far more explosive than she ever could have dreamed?

For #4 we have Jessica Ingro's "Xavier O'Brien." Aurora and Xavier's love story is haunted by past traumas. After a shocking event that almost destroyed everything the couple held sacred, Xavier is out for revenge. Will the former pimp take things too far in his quest to protect his new family, or will his old, rakish ways compromise the safety and the lives of the ones he loves above all else?

At #5 is "Hot Justice" by Lynn Raye Harris. Reporter Haylee isn't a damsel in distress, and she's not in need of rescue, especially by some muscle-bound guy. But when Dean "Wolf" Garnier busts her out of a cartel compound where she'd been pursuing a story, sparks fly, and the two can't seem to let each other go. With a corrupt conspiracy threatening to endanger the young reporter, Dean knows he has to keep her safe no matter what. But will Haylee let go of her trust issues and let him in, or will she end up pushing him away? This tale of love in a hot climate is a sultry, rewarding read for romance fans.

This tale of love in a hot climate is a sultry, rewarding read for romance fans.

For #6 we find Janie Crouch's "Cyclone." After running away from her ex, Doctor Annie Mackay just wants to live a quiet life in her Wyoming hometown. But when rugged survivalist and Special Forces soldier Zac comes back to reclaim his soulmate, Annie realizes that she has to face her fears and accept him for who he is. That is, if Zac can prove himself capable of real change, and real commitment.

In the #7 slot is "Craving Justice" by Fiona Archer. The four Justice brothers left their Australian roots behind to create a thriving business in Seattle. Seth, the C.E.O. of the family-run tech company, didn't plan on being so taken with coffeehouse owner Harper. When Seth starts to break down Harper's barriers, something special grows between them, but they're not out of the woods yet. With a mysterious enemy at Seth's back, he has to make sure he's not exposing his family, and his new beloved, to harm.

Coming in at #8 is Christy Pastore's "Wicked Gentleman." Jackson Hart owns a successful chain of spas and resorts. When he falls hard for a captivating employee, it's the last thing he planned. Stevie isn't just any ordinary spa worker, either. She's got a razor-sharp personality and won't stand for any nonsense, especially from debonair playboys. When Jax offers her a place in his life and his business, she has her reservations. If she can accept her lover's checkered past, perhaps the two can build a real life together. Or maybe everything will come crashing down around them.

Stevie isn't just any ordinary spa worker, either.

Finally, at #9, is "Redesigning Fate" by A.M. Wilson. Marlene just got out of an abusive relationship with her ex, Travis. After he threw her down a flight of stairs, she knew she had to get out of there. What she didn't expect was to meet a new man so quickly. Elias is gentle, artistic, kind: everything that her ex wasn't. She finds herself developing feelings fast. But when Travis returns, he says he's there to protect her from her new boyfriend, a dangerous enigma who can't be trusted. Torn between two men and not sure who or what to believe, it's time for Marlene to make the hardest decision of all to protect her heart and her future.