9 Thought-Provoking Books About Religion & Spirituality

Religion and spirituality allow us to open ourselves up to a multitude of possibilities, from God's teachings to the power of our own minds. If you're interested in learning more about these modes of thinking, check out these nine thought-provoking books that cover everything from Christianity to yoga. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Thought-Provoking Books About Religion & Spirituality

Title Author(s)
1. Jewel in the Mud Harmony Kent
2. Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsch
3. The Laws of Human Nature Robert Greene
4. A Wife After God's Own Heart Elizabeth George
5. Start Here Alex Harris & Brett Harris
6. Whistling in the Dark Frederick Buechner
7. The Read-Aloud Family Sarah Mackenzie
8. Life on Earth Mike Dooley
9. Walking the Path of Compassion Amit Ray

Some of the World's Most Widely-Followed Religions

5 Types of Specialized Bibles

The bible is the most important holy text in Christianity. If you're looking to buy a copy, you should know that there are many different versions available. Be sure to explore the links below before deciding which one is right for you.

  1. Illustrated Bibles: Beautiful drawings accompany the text
  2. Study Bibles: Great for students of theology
  3. Amplified Bibles: Explore the meanings and history of scripture
  4. Spanish English Bibles: A great choice for bilingual Christians
  5. Children's Bibles: Simplified versions that kids can understand

Finding Harmony Between Science & Spirituality

In Depth

If you take comfort in the idea that there is something in the universe that's bigger than us, you may enjoy studying different forms of spirituality and religion. From Zen to Christianity, these ideas can open you up to new perspectives and make you think about the world in a different way. In no particular order, here are nine thought-provoking books that explore this subject.

At the #1 spot is "Jewel in the Mud" by award-winning author Harmony Kent. Written in a clear and straightforward way, this book can help you manage your daily life with Zen musings. It teaches readers how to make changes in order to bring about peace and health. Inserted throughout the pages are the author's back story and personal anecdotes. It's meant to be read over the course of a year, focusing on one musing each day.

Coming in at #2 is "Conversations with God," the last installment in a four-part series by Neale Donald Walsch. The author is a spiritual messenger whose works focus on peace, love, and clarity. This book encourages readers to discover their own special identity by integrating explanations on energy and metaphysics. It also deals with topics like space and time and how they affect our lives. The biggest take-away from this motivational read is the sixteen items describing Highly Evolved Beings and the lessons we can learn from them.

It also deals with topics like space and time and how they affect our lives.

Following at #3 is "The Laws of Human Nature." This volume from Robert Greene explains the social nature of humans, why we do what we do, and how we seek self-improvement. His ideas are inspired by eminent writers, ancient philosophers, and respected psychologists, including Pericles, Martin Luther King Jr., and Queen Elizabeth I. There are eighteen laws explained in this detailed guide, all aimed at people who want to have a calmer disposition. Each chapter is filled with helpful tips about confronting human fallibility.

Next, at #4 is a thought-provoking piece for women titled "A Wife After God's Own Heart." Written by Elizabeth George, it's meant for wives who want to take their next steps on the path to spiritual growth. With teachings that are based on the Bible, the author focuses on how women can achieve fulfillment in marriage. She explains that if you make positive and godly changes, wonderful things can happen. George provides questions, advice, illustrations, and a study guide to help readers better understand and apply these principles.

Taking the #5 spot is "Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are" by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris. A sequel to the authors' bestseller "Do Hard Things," this volume is equally powerful and motivating. It features real-life stories and insights to help young people make the most of their teenage years. Here, the authors want to emphasize the importance of stepping up and utilizing God-given gifts to do more in life. It also captures the adult audience, parents who have big dreams for their children.

It features real-life stories and insights to help young people make the most of their teenage years.

Coming in at #6 is "Whistling in the Dark" by Frederick Buechner, an American novelist, a theologian, and an ordained Presbyterian minister. This is an encouraging read for long-time Christians seeking a fresh appreciation of the foundations of their faith, and a reminder of what is truly important in life. It's also a good reference for non-Christians who want to challenge their knowledge of different religions.

At #7 is "The Read-Aloud Family," a masterfully-designed plan for parents who are starting to foster a love of reading in their kids, written by Sarah Mackenzie, founder of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. She talks about age-appropriate books that parents can read aloud to their children, from babies to young teens, and explains the benefits of making this a regular bonding activity. The book's Christian tone is great for those who want to make faith a part of every aspect of their child's upbringing.

Next, at #8 is "Life on Earth" by entrepreneur and inspirational writer Mike Dooley, one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, "The Secret." He travels the world, speaking about happiness, dreams, and life. Here, he discusses some of the issues that we face as humans, such as following our desires, determining what's real, and finding our purpose. Written in the form of a journal, Dooley discusses significant moments in his life and the questions that they inspired him to ask.

He travels the world, speaking about happiness, dreams, and life.

Finally, at #9 is "Walking the Path of Compassion" by Amit Ray. A man who has experienced transformative spiritual awakening, the author is a master in the Vipassana tradition and Himalayan Yoga. He writes about the importance and impact of compassion and explores definitive ways to convert anger, fear, regret, and frustration into positive vibes that are aligned with love.