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As a personal trainer, it’s your job to help your clients shape their bodies toward their ideals. It’s also your job to ensure they stay as physically healthy as possible. Toeing the line between these two goals can sometimes result in a client's injury. You might also find yourself unwittingly on the wrong side of a sexual misconduct accusation. All of these scenarios make it necessary for you to carry some kind of personal trainer insurance.

Personal trainer insurance covers you in almost every conceivable event. Should your clients suffer injury under your watch, you’d be covered. Should any property get damaged during an exercise, you’d be covered. Should your client misinterpret your actions as sexually suggestive and seek damages, you’d be covered.

Acquiring insurance as a personal trainer has never been easier. Most companies offer simple tools to get quotes and apply for coverage online. These web portals are also where you can file claims and access vital information about your policy. Some also offer risk management and business growth resources.

Carrying personal trainer insurance isn’t just about covering yourself financially. It conveys to your customers that you’re serious about their health and wellness. It can make your name stand out among a sea of talented, certified trainers. Whatever a good plan winds up costing you in premiums, you’re liable to make it back in gained business. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Hiscox is an online small business insurer that can create highly customized quotes. They provide policies to business owners, as well as consultants and individual professionals like personal trainers. Their liability insurance covers bodily and personal injury. It also covers property damage and data loss. Businesses that rely on current technologies should insure their data. It may be one of the most important investments they can make.

Hiscox insures an incredible amount of professional businesses. For business owners, general liability tends to cover the majority of your needs. Consultants can benefit from protections against accidents that occur in someone else’s workspace. This is particularly useful in the IT world. Your clients put their computers in your hands. It’s all too common for them to blame you for lost data or damaged hardware. Claims of negligence in fitness fields like personal training also receive excellent coverage.

The Hiscox website generates fast, accurate quotes. You can select from a number of insurance products. Each addition or subtraction clearly affects your quote. This can help you fine-tune your coverage based on the specifics of your business. Other companies’ more general coverage might leave out an important nuance or two. Hiscox can help you identify and include these specifics in your policy to ensure that you’re covered.

Our #2 Pick Philadelphia Insurance

The Philadelphia Insurance Company is a commercial insurance provider with a positive corporate culture. They provide excellent personal trainer insurance. The company is part of the Tokio Marine Group. This group strives to place the needs of its customers and community ahead of its profit margins. That attitude filters down through the group’s many companies, including the Philadelphia Insurance Company.

The Philadelphia Insurance Company offers a tremendous amount of insurance products. They cover amusement parks, museums, life coaches, childcare centers, libraries, and more. They also provide coverage options for a slew of health and wellness professions, including personal trainers. Coverage limits under any policy are flexible beyond what’s listed on the website. You’ll even be covered on any international business trips that you take, so long as they’re under 30 days in length.

Risk Management is one of the Philadelphia Insurance Company’s highest priorities. You can see a detailed brochure of their risk management practices on the company website. Once you’re enrolled, the company will go so far as to visit your place of business. They can provide on-site consultation to help identify high-risk areas and practices. You’ll have a much easier time mitigating the dangers that lurk in professional wellness practices.

Our #3 Pick Nationwide

Nationwide is best known for car and home insurance, but their coverage doesn't stop there. They also offer small business, personal trainer, and consultant insurance. Additionally, they provide identity theft, renters, various forms of life insurance, and more. Other services they offer include retirement planning, investing, and banking. They are truly a company who does it all.

There is a Nationwide policy to fit nearly any need. They provide travel insurance plans that can cover incidents that occur before and during a trip. Pet insurance plans are available that cover accidents, hospitalizations, medications, and general wellness needs. Their identity theft policies give you access to a special fraud assistance hotline. Identity theft plans may also include out-of-pocket expense reimbursements, assistance in replacing documents, working with creditors, and even emergency cash. Other specialty policies include wedding, farm, accident, and legal plans.

Nationwide is also an online bank. They provide all of the standard offerings you would find in any other financial institution. You can use them to open a checking, savings, or money market account. Home equity lines of credit, mortgages, auto loans, and even boat loans are all services they provide.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick K & K Insurance Group

K & K Insurance is a purveyor of packages covering the sports, leisure, and entertainment fields. That includes personal training. They are a subsidiary of Aon, one of the largest providers of risk management solutions in the world. The company aims to make it easy for your entire insurance experience to be conducted online.

Our #5 Pick Sadler Sports And Recreation

Sadler Sports and Recreation is an insurance provider that specifically covers athletic fields. They offer policies to personal trainers, sports teams, athletic camps, and more. Their policies cover everything from injury and crime to equipment and property damage. They also advise clients in the techniques for general safety and risk management. It’s in everyone’s best interest for you to have this insurance, but never need to use it.

Our #6 Pick Sports And Fitness Insurance Corporation

Sports and Fitness Insurance Corporation is an insurance provider for fitness professionals. They boast a fast application process and immediate confirmation of coverage once completed. You can acquire coverage for personal training, as well as classes in yoga, pilates, martial arts, and more. Coverage is designed to follow the professional wherever he or she goes, even in public places like parks.

Our #7 Pick CPH & Associates

CPH & Associates provides insurance for personal trainers, mental health professionals, events coordinators, and more. The company prides itself on customer service. To that end, they aim to use the latest technologies to keep you and your agent in frequent, supportive contact. To date, they’ve written more than 500,000 policies.

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