11 Dark And Sensual Books For Adult Readers

Not all stories about romance have to be sweet and simple. There are plenty of sensual books out there that emphasize spice instead of sugar. The works listed here explore dark desires, from bondage to blackmail. Readers are sure to be thrilled and enthralled by these wildly passionate tales. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

11 Dark And Sensual Books For Adult Readers

Title Author
1. Betrayed Jaye Frances
2. (Mis)Trust Sarah Ann Walker
3. Private Entrance Kathryn Harvey
4. Come Becca Jameson
5. Passion Lisa Valdez
6. Sizzle Holly S. Roberts
7. The Haunted Cassie Alexander
8. The Hunter's Prey Diane Whiteside
9. Tragic Beauty Iris Ann Hunter
10. Badcock Debra Glass
11. Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts Mitzi Szereto

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  2. 9½ Weeks (1986)
  3. Blue Velvet (1986)
  4. Venus in Furs (1969)
  5. The Piano Teacher (2001)
  6. The Night Porter (1974)
  7. Secretary (2002)
  8. Quills (2000)

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The Psychology of Seduction

In Depth

These tales are for those who want a little extra with their erotic literature. From a woman traded to a highwayman who wants to fulfill all of her sexual fantasies, to a wife who finds sensual pleasure from the spirit of the man who used to own her home, the books on this list all deal with dark and disturbing topics. Presented in no particular order, here are eleven books that are as sinister as they are lascivious.

Kicking off the list at #1 is "Betrayed" by Jaye Frances. Things are good for Jewel, who gets to live on a gorgeous island with a hunk of a husband and an exciting life. Things change when her spouse invites a few sketchy strangers over to play cards. They manipulate her with their trickery, and her life becomes full of lies and scary games. Suddenly she finds herself in a misogynistic world where she must act as a sex slave for greedy men, and obey all of their orders.

At #2 is "(Mis)Trust" by Sarah Ann Walker. Everything is going well in Saige's life. And then Tyler, her boyfriend of four years, dumps her. While in the midst of dealing with a broken heart, Saige is attacked and sexually assaulted, which only furthers her lack of trust. When she needs it most, Malcolm appears in her life, and wants to protect the woman who he knows is hurting. But she's not sure if she's ready to move on, and let another person into her heart.

When she needs it most, Malcolm appears in her life, and wants to protect the woman who he knows is hurting.

#3 on the list is "Private Entrance" by Kathryn Harvey. The third installment in the Butterfly Trilogy focuses on Abby Tyler, the owner of a remote Southern California spa. More than thirty years ago, she had her newborn baby stolen from her. Now she's plotting an elaborate scheme to find her lost offspring. Abby winds up crossing paths with three strangers who win an all expenses paid trip to her resort, despite the fact that none of them recall entering any such drawing. They end up trapped in the desert by a sandstorm, stalked by a murderer, and surrounded by sex, mystery, love, and death.

#4 is "Come" by Becca Jameson. A successful lawyer, Katy Marks finds herself in an uncomfortable position. One of her coworkers is stalking her, hoping that an intimate relationship with Katy would increase his chances of a promotion. To discourage him, she throws herself onto Rafe, a sexy man she finds at the gym. They instantly click, but Rafe has yet to share that he's a dominant partner in the bedroom. Everything is suddenly heating up, but possibly too much.

At #5 is "Passion" by Lisa Valdez. It's been less than two years since Passion Elizabeth Dare's husband died. She's still grieving, and isn't planning on being in another relationship ever again. And then Mark Randolph Hawkmore, an Earl, begins to pursue her. Her late spouse hadn't brought much excitement to their bedroom, but Mark is romantic and intense in all the right ways. Unfortunately for them, he's also the victim of a blackmailing scheme. That forces the two lovers to choose between their families and each other in this historical romance set in London.

She's still grieving, and isn't planning on being in another relationship ever again.

#6 on the list is "Sizzle" by Holly S. Roberts. Though she has hesitations about her career, Celina Thomas makes good money as an expensive escort. She has a dangerous problem that is kept secret, and needs to capitalize on her exquisite face and body to make some extra cash. It's her only chance at changing things for the better. Alex Gomez is an enforcer at a crime syndicate, and unlike Celina, he's comfortable making a living with illegal matters. When their paths cross, both chaos and passion ensue.

At #7 is "The Haunted" by Cassie Alexander. Daphne Vance is firmly committed to her husband, and the couple happily resides in their gorgeous new estate in the country. But something's not quite normal in their recently purchased mansion. When Daphne's partner heads out of town on a business trip, she finds herself watched and caressed by the spirit of the home's previous owner. At first she resists, but when she finds out that her hubby is cheating on her, she gives in to temptation.

Coming in at #8 is "The Hunter's Prey" by Diane Whiteside. The fifth installment in the Texas Vampires series, this collection of short stories is as steamy as it is perilous. A devoted wife gives her husband his ultimate sexual fantasy as a birthday gift, even though it could be perilous. A young woman with a penchant for partying and late-night beverages encounters an irresistible but unsafe man. Each of the tales in this assortment focus on the sultry but dangerous life of erotic vampires.

The fifth installment in the Texas Vampires series, this collection of short stories is as steamy as it is perilous.

At #9 is "Tragic Beauty" by Iris Ann Hunter. Ava is in her twenties when heartbreak strikes, and her father dies. Five years prior, she had made a dark deal to prolong her dad's life, but at the expense of her future and her freedom. As a result, her fate will soon be claimed by a rich and powerful young man. She sneaks away for one final night of freedom, only to meet a bachelor haunted by actual demons. He decides he needs to have her. With two men feeling entitled to Ava, things get complicated in this extremely dark tale.

#10 is "Badcock" by Debra Glass. Sophia Astley is shocked and hurt when her husband trades her to a highwayman, a horseback-riding criminal who holds up travelers. But the man who takes her in is really Jack Badcock, the Earl of Stafford, appearing in disguise. He acts out Sophia's fantasies, teasing her, spanking her, and having her role play. Eventually he discovers an important detail about who she really is, but they're already too deep into their erotic fun.

Finishing the list at #11 is "Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts" by Mitzi Szereto. Nothing is off limits in this erotic rendition of Jane Austen's classic novel. Mr. Darcy is chased and pleased by both genders. Women are as sexually dominant as men. There are trysts and romps on nearly every page, as a famous story is retold in a very steamy manner.