11 Strong And Sexy Paranormal Romances About Vampires

From Dracula to Twilight, books about vampires have been capturing readers' imaginations for decades. If you fantasize about being in a passionate relationship with a creature of the night, you're sure to enjoy the wonderful works of paranormal romance listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

11 Strong And Sexy Paranormal Romances About Vampires

Title Author
1. Bloodspell Amalie Howard
2. Covet Felicity Heaton
3. Kindred Nicola Claire
4. A Blood Seduction Pamela Palmer
5. Take It Like a Vamp Candace Havens
6. Bleeding Hearts Ash Krafton
7. My Familiar Stranger Victoria Danann
8. Everlasting Kiss Amanda Ashley
9. Bonded by Blood Laurie London
10. Legally Undead Margo Bond Collins
11. Bewitching the Vampire Carrie Pulkinen

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8 Great Vampire Movies

  1. Dracula (1931)
  2. Blade (1998)
  3. 30 Days of Night (2007)
  4. Let the Right One In (2008)
  5. Thirst (2009)
  6. What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
  7. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
  8. Interview with the Vampire (1994)

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The History of Vampires

In Depth

The addition of supernatural creatures is sure to spice up any love story, turning them into fast-paced reads full of action and mystery. If you're looking for novels that feature dangerous individuals and steamy, intimate moments, then you should check out these eleven strong and sexy paranormal romances about vampires, listed in no particular order.

First up, at #1, we have "Bloodspell" by Amalie Howard. On her seventeenth birthday, Victoria Warrick receives a gift from her late grandmother that reveals that she's part of a long line of powerful witches. She learns that her blood is cursed, and she must fight to stay in control of her powers. At her new school, she falls in love with the attractive vampire Christian Devereux. Despite ancient laws preventing them from being together, they try to make their relationship work, fending off those who wish to take Victoria's blood for their own selfish desires.

Next, at #2, is "Covet" by Felicity Heaton. Javier is one of the owners of a supernatural erotic theatre known as the Vampirerotique. He's in love with a mortal named Lilah, but he can't pursue her as she already belongs to someone else. They have desired each other for two years now, and they're willing to risk their lives for the sake of passion, but they must tread carefully, as the punishment for getting caught is death.

Javier is one of the owners of a supernatural erotic theatre known as the Vampirerotique.

At #3 is Nicola Claire's "Kindred." In a world where all sorts of paranormal beings hide in plain sight, bank teller Lucinda Monk hunts down vampires who prey on innocent people. There's something special about her that makes her desirable to the creatures of the night, but she doesn't know what it is. Michel, a master vampire, feels strangely drawn to her, so he tries to earn her trust. Lucinda soon learns about her true nature and that she's being hunted. In order to survive, she'll have to team up with her sworn enemy.

Next, at #4, is "A Blood Seduction" by Pamela Palmer. Quinn Lennox has been having visions of a parallel universe, and when she and her brother set out to look for a missing friend, they're suddenly transported to a strange world where supernatural creatures roam free. When they're separated, Quinn must find her brother and escape this alternate reality. Unfortunately, she finds herself in the custody of Arturo Mazza, a vampire who plans to make Quinn his by any means necessary.

Next up, at #5, we have "Take It Like a Vamp" by Candace Havens. Nick Christos is a vampire who's attracted to his neighbor, Casey Meyers. When his enemies show up in town, he's forced to step in and protect the woman he loves, revealing his true nature to her. Thrust into a world full of dangerous creatures she never knew existed, Casey must learn to trust her sexy, enigmatic neighbor in order to survive.

When his enemies show up in town, he's forced to step in and protect the woman he loves, revealing his true nature to her.

At #6 is "Bleeding Hearts" by Ash Krafton. While at a museum, advice columnist Sophie Galen meets Marek, a handsome man who's hiding a very dark secret. The pair immediately fall in love, and as they spend more time with each other, Sophie learns that he's a demivampire who has the potential to turn into a horrific beast. As she learns more about the supernatural world, she realizes that she has a special gift that she can use to save people like Marek from damnation.

Next, at #7, is "My Familiar Stranger" by Victoria Danann. Elora Laiken's world is in turmoil, and to save her life, her mentor sends her off into a parallel dimension full of dangerous paranormal entities. Upon arriving there, she's immediately taken by knights from the Order of the Black Swan. After some time, Elora realizes that her trip into this dimension has granted her superhuman abilities. Now, as she uses her newfound powers to help the Order, she must choose between two knights competing for her affection.

Next up, at #8, we have Amanda Ashley's "Everlasting Kiss." At a nightclub known as the Crypt, Daisy O'Donnell meets and quickly falls for a dashing man named Erik Delacourt, who's secretly a vampire hunting down the Blood Thief who came after one of his friends. Unfortunately, Daisy is also a Blood Thief, and she and the rest of her family are being hunted by terrifying creatures all around the city. Will these two be able to put their differences aside and save each other?

Will these two be able to put their differences aside and save each other?

Next, at #9, is "Bonded by Blood" by Laurie London. In the Pacific Northwest, the Guardians protect humans from rogue killers known as Darkbloods. Mackenzie has a rare blood type that enhances their abilities, making her highly sought-after. While scouting locations for a movie, she encounters Dominic Serrano, a Guardian who's after the Overlord of the Darkbloods. Upon learning about Mackenzie's condition, he realizes that she can give him the power to complete his mission, so he vows to protect her from those who wish to drain her.

At #10 is "Legally Undead" by Margo Bond Collins. Elle Dupree's seemingly perfect life comes crashing down when she encounters a bloodsucking creature feeding on her fiance, Greg. When she kills it with an improvised stake, a group of strange men suddenly bursts into the room, and Greg's body mysteriously vanishes. Elle sets out to find her missing fiance, becoming a skilled vampire hunter in the process.

Finally, at #11, we have Carrie Pulkinen's "Bewitching the Vampire." This novella revolves around the unlikely relationship between a young witch named Cassie McClain and Branan Sinclair, an old vampire who believes she's his soulmate. While hanging out at a club for supernaturals, Cassie falls for Branan, but he pushes her away due to his past experiences with witches. When she is poisoned, Branan must decide between finally letting go of his past or letting her die.