6 Inviting Places In Colorado To Experience The Performing Arts

The Centennial State is full of art and culture, so those who enjoy symphony, opera, ballet, or theater have plenty of places where they can go and watch talented musicians, dancers, and actors perform. Whether you live in Colorado or are planning to visit soon, be sure to check out the wonderful organizations listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Performing Arts Venues in Colorado

Organization Location Mission
Colorado Symphony Denver Create extraordinary musical experiences that transport today's listener, from the best of the past to the edge of the future
Colorado MahlerFest Boulder Celebrate the legacy of composer Gustav Mahler through an annual festival featuring his musical output as well as contextual cultural and educational events
Colorado Ballet Denver Present exceptional classical ballet and contemporary dance through performances, training, education, and community engagement
Central City Opera Central City Sing extraordinary stories to spark imagination, inspire creativity, and open minds to the breadth of human experience
Boulder Ballet Boulder Bring classic, contemporary, and uniquely theatrical ballet to various venues and teach students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience dance and movement
Colorado Springs Fine Art Center Colorado Springs Be a cultural and economic anchor, providing innovative, world-class programming to an ever-expanding audience

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What Is Theater?

In Depth

Colorado is not only a state filled with outdoor activities and breathtaking nature, it is home to world-renowned performing arts. All audiences can find something to their liking, with productions ranging from theatre to opera to contemporary dance. In no particular order, here are six nonprofit organizations helping connect people to the performing arts.

Starting off our list at #1 is the Colorado Symphony, which performs regularly in Boettcher Concert Hall at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The organization is the only full-time professional orchestra in the region, home to eighty musicians, and completing more than 150 concerts yearly. Almost every weekend, the group holds performances between the months of September to May. It performs for over 300,000 audience members in a season, playing songs to suit all tastes, ranging from classics to alternative.

The Colorado Symphony is critically acclaimed and known as a hub for creativity, outreach, and education. It strives to help expose diverse audiences to the "transformative power of music". The organization serves over 20,000 students from Pre-K to 12th grade through the MusiCurious education programs. In order to continue to run, the group relies on donors, members, and volunteers. People can become an ambassador, a field trip greeter, or a box office staff member to help out.

In order to continue to run, the group relies on donors, members, and volunteers.

Next on our list at #2 is the Colorado MahlerFest, an annual festival honoring the legacy of composer Gustav Mahler. While he was alive, Mahler was best known as an orchestral conductor, though his compositions were never widely accepted or understood. Since his death, he has been recognized as one of the most important late-romantic composers. His music, including nine symphonies, and over forty songs, are celebrated and appreciated.

At the festival, one accomplished symphony performs two orchestral concerts and a symposium. There are also open rehearsals and educational and cultural events. The festival hopes to engage underserved populations and build an inclusive audience for Mahler's songs. Those who are interested in getting involved can make a donation through the website, sponsor a musician, or make a purchase in the shop.

Coming in as #3 on the list is the Colorado Ballet. Since its founding in 1961, the organization has used productions, training, and community engagement to present world-class classical ballet and contemporary dance. Every year, over 50 performances take place, showcasing over 30 professional dancers from all around the globe.

Every year, over 50 performances take place, showcasing over 30 professional dancers from all around the globe.

The Colorado Ballet also has an academy, which trains dancers ranging from toddlers to adults, complete beginners to pre-professionals. In addition, the organization engages in the community, serving in-need families, teachers, people with disabilities, and students. The programs have reached more than 300 schools and groups and over 35,000 individuals. Those who want to get involved can give a monetary gift or use AmazonSmile when making purchases.

#4 on our list is the Central City Opera. Since its founding in 1932, the company has worked to spark imagination, inspire creativity, and open minds to human experience. In order to do this, the group runs world-class productions, a young art training program, and an annual summer festival in a mountain town forty five minutes away from Denver.

In addition, Central City Opera provides education and community engagement programs for 40,000 students, families, and seniors every year. The programs include residencies, workshops, and live performances. Those who wish to help can give donations, which cover seventy percent of the cost of running the organization.

The programs include residencies, workshops, and live performances.

Following at #5 is the Boulder Ballet. The company brings different theatrical, contemporary, and classic ballet performances to different venues throughout the state. At these events, the Longmont Symphony and the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra accompany the dancers on stage with live music. Productions in the past have included Cinderella, the Nutcracker, and New Horizons, among others.

In addition, the Boulder Ballet School trains dancers of all ages, focusing on cultivating a creative and artistic atmosphere. The school trains not only pre-professionals, but amateurs as well. Throughout the year, the group also provides outreach programs. Those who are interested can make an online donation or become a sponsor.

Finishing off our list at #6 is the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center at Colorado College. The center runs exhibitions, theatrical performances, residencies, events, and internships. It also provides "Museum Free Days" and complimentary school tours to help the community connect to the arts. In addition, it has created various teaching and learning opportunities for college students.

In addition, it has created various teaching and learning opportunities for college students.

Dedicated individuals can participate in the volunteer program. Volunteers support the arts through special events, hospitality, and more. People can also become a member and gain unlimited free admission to the museum's permanent collection, receive subscriptions to the digital ArtFocus magazine, and receive discounts and free admission to around sixty-five different college museums around the country.