7 Travel Blogs To Inspire Your Wanderlust

It's tough being stuck in a cubicle as you try to save up for your dream vacation. To help you get through those boring days at the office, check out these seven sites, all of which feature great info and pictures that will give you the motivation you need to keep working toward your long-term travel goals. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

7 Informative and Inspiring Travel Blogs

Name Emphasis
Getting Stamped Couple specializing in quick trips, the Caribbean, honeymoon destinations, and photography
Just One Way Ticket Nomad from Berlin takes extended journeys through countries across the globe
You Could Travel Husband and wife duo offer detailed lists of places to go and things to do
Inside the Travel Lab Location guides, packing advice, and information on luxury travel and responsible touring
Mini Travellers Helps parents find the best family-friendly spots and make the most out of trips with kids
The Planet D Detailed city guides, planning tips, and encouraging stories for those seeking adventure
PointsandTravel Tips for maximizing every dollar while going off the beaten path to explore the world

Snorkeling with Giant Sea Turtles from Just One Way Ticket

10 Personal Stories About Eye-Opening Travel

Title Author Locations Explored
Traveling with Ghosts Shannon Leone Fowler Eastern Europe, Israel, and more
Illegal John Dennehy Ecuador
The Temporary Bride Jennifer Klinec Iran
Almost Anywhere Krista Schlyer America
Border Kapka Kassabova The border between Bulgaria, Turkey, & Greece
Reckless Traveler Walter Rhein South America
Between River and Sea Dervla Murphy Israel & Palestine
Tell Them To Get Lost Brian Thacker Southeast Asia
Adventures of a Railway Nomad Karen McCann Several countries across Europe
Vroom with a View Peter Moore Italy

Overwater Bungalows in Jamaica with Getting Stamped

Things to Bring on Your Next Vacation

  • Travel size toiletries that won't take up too much space
  • Keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones with a laundry bag
  • A money belt for easy access to cash & cards
  • If you're traveling with kids, you might want to bring along some games
  • Depending on your preference, either a backpack or some nice luggage
  • Cozy pillows can improve any long flight or car trip
  • If you're going to a country where you don't know the language, a translator can be a big help
  • A travel mug for your coffee or tea

The Planet D Goes on a "Game of Thrones" Travel Experience

In Depth

We all know that taking an occasional break from everyday routines can be refreshing, fulfilling, and contribute to higher work productivity. But it can feel overwhelming to plan and take vacation time that is more than just a simple beach trip, or a drive further than a few hours away. This list of travel blogs may change your mind. In no particular order, here are seven websites that will inspire you with incredible photography, detailed destination information, and expert guidance, to help you turn your travel dreams into reality.

First up, at #1, we have Getting Stamped. It is written solely by Hannah & Adam, a Wisconsin couple who left behind the American dream to explore the world. They provide travel guides, tips, and stories from their adventures, having visited about eighty countries to date.

The goal of the site is to show you the best trips to take on the planet in a meaningful way. Getting Stamped specializes in information on three-day city visits, the Caribbean, honeymoon destinations, and travel photography. In addition to the written word, they also produce videos, which can be seen on their YouTube channel. If you want help planning and making the most out of each trip you take, this is a great choice.

The goal of the site is to show you the best trips to take on the planet in a meaningful way.

At #2, Just One Way Ticket is written by Sabrina Iovino. She originally hails from Berlin, and has been seeing new places and living abroad since 2008. The site offers valuable tips, beautiful photos, and professional videos. The main idea is about traveling as a lifestyle.

In addition to the wealth of info from her trips, Sabrina, or Sab, as she prefers, has recommendations for her favorite travel gear, websites, and apps. She also reviews hotels and airlines. Lastly, brands can collaborate with her, and she'll then share her opinions with readers.

At #3 on our list, You Could Travel is produced by husband and wife duo Coralia and Gergely Varga, who left the UK to tour full-time. Their main goal is to inspire others to explore the world to regain a sense of adventure, capture intimate moments together with loved ones, and fall in love with places without digital distractions. The blog has a five-member team helping the couple run the site and business.

The blog has a five-member team helping the couple run the site and business.

You Could Travel has information on destinations to visit, where to stay, and guides to popular locations. The blog also has resources for couples vacations, city advice, help for ex-pats, foodie trips, and teas around the world. Since the pair has spent a considerable amount of time in Japan, there's a special section for that country.

Coming in at #4, Inside the Travel Lab is a luxury adventure blog for those who care about the people, places, and cultures they visit. It is curated by Abi, a doctor-turned-writer who's worked with Lonely Planet, the BBC, Nat Geo Traveller, UNESCO, and more, and visited more than 60 countries. The site is a guide to more authentic vacations through tips, real stories, and informative guides. It regularly ranks as one of the best blogs of its kind in the world.

The site has sections on destinations, food, and shopping. Readers will find expert travel advice and packing information, location guides, how to experience the world through taste, and recommendations on the top gear to take. And lots of beautiful, insightful photos. But a serious position Inside the Travel Lab makes is on responsible touring. This is merely being a decent human being and caring about people around you as well as yourself.

The site has sections on destinations, food, and shopping.

At #5 we have Mini Travellers, a multi-award winning travel site designed for parents of children of all ages looking for ideas for holidays and day trips. The Beddow family writes it: mom Karen, dad Matt, and kids Lily, Isobel, and Eve. The group likes to journey anywhere and everywhere, including Greece, Wales, and the African plains, and share their photos and experiences to inspire and help other families with their vacation plans.

Mini Travellers has different pages on their website for all their various adventures, such as blog updates, travel tips, and holidays. They also write about and post photos for festivals, camping sites, and theater performances. So whether parents are looking for an out of town jaunt or entertaining afternoon nearby, the site has you covered. The family is open to working with brands, tourism boards, and holiday companies, as long as there is a strong connection to families having fun together.

At #6 on our list, The Planet D has become a go-to resource for people seeking detailed city guides, tips on planning, inspiring stories, and more. It is owned by Canadian adventure couple Dave and Deb, whose motto is "Adventure is for everyone." They believe that you don't have to be wealthy, athletic, or fearless to be an adventurer. All you need is the desire to achieve something more.

They believe that you don't have to be wealthy, athletic, or fearless to be an adventurer.

The couple has traveled to 115 countries on all seven continents together and learned a lot along the way. By following their advice, readers receive the best information and inspiration to plan new trips themselves. The site includes guidance on destinations, blog updates, vacation resources, and recommendations for specific touring styles, ranging from light adventures to epic excursions for adrenaline junkies. The Planet D was named one of the top ten travel influencers in the world by Forbes Magazine.

At the #7 spot on our list is PointsandTravel, a resource with info about smart luxury trips, written by Dr. Cacinda Maloney. It's for people who enjoy getting off the beaten path, those who want an insider's perspective, and vacationers seeking inspiration. The site's philosophy is that travel is not only the top ten sights in the world, but unique experiences that include architecture, history, culture, and food, with a luxurious room at the end of the day.

PointsandTravel is a resource for maximizing dollars to get the greatest luxurious experience they can. Through storytelling and photography, readers learn information on specific destinations, food and drink around the world, the latest press features from Dr. Maloney, and her bucket list. A lifestyle page details her most recent trips. Brands or tourism boards wanting to partner with the blog author can contact her to explore how she can benefit their organization.