9 Witty Romance Novels With Sharp Dialogue And Clever Characters

Some people get tongue-tied when talking to their crush, but it's a lot more fun to read about characters who can impress their dates with clever quips and witty remarks. The nine romances listed here are full of sharp dialogue and intelligent characters who aren't afraid to speak their minds. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Clever Romances: Our 9 Picks

Title Author
1. Boss Overboard Claire Gillian
2. Petty Cash Kimberly Vargas
3. Great-Aunt Sophia's Lessons for Bombshells Lisa Cach
4. Haole Wood Dee DeTarsio
5. The Job Blower Melinda De Ross
6. Playing Dirty Susan Andersen
7. Vintage Dreams Jannie Lund
8. Unwrapped Chantilly White
9. The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue Barbara Samuel

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The Science of Attraction

In Depth

What happens when a whip-smart character meets their match? While many readers love diving into a platonic battle of wits, it can be even more thrilling when clever characters fall head over heels in love. For those who enjoy cutting remarks and passionate affairs, here, in no particular order, are nine novels featuring scintillating characters and their sizzling romances.

Coming in at #1 is "Boss Overboard" by Claire Gillian. The stunning and strong Lydia Johnson has been assigned the task of reviewing her corporation's faltering cruise ship, a job that includes more wait-time monitoring and toilet bowl scrutiny than laying by the pool. She's also in charge of managing newcomer Paul Thomas. What she doesn't know is that this Cajun sweet-talker is secretly the owner of the cruise line. With both of their bravados, are there too many captains on deck? As the two strong personalities uncover each other's weaknesses, this cruise ship might just turn into a love boat.

Our #2 pick is "Petty Cash" by Kimberly Vargas. Fun-loving Florida girl Rebecca Blake is an athletic, beautiful heroine with plenty of confidence. But after a mediocre performance review, she must attend a behavioral training course in order to have a prayer of advancing at her desk job. At this "Club Detention," she is paired with none other than Foster Diamond, a genius in the field who is staggeringly intelligent, but whose social skills leave something to be desired. Beauty and the geek may just prove that opposites do attract.

Beauty and the geek may just prove that opposites do attract.

The #3 spot goes to Lisa Cach's "Great-Aunt Sophia's Lessons for Bombshells." When PhD candidate Grace Cavanaugh is asked to spend the summer caring for her great-aunt Sophia, an alluring and acerbic former movie star, she's ready to educate her about the ways of feminism. After all, Grace's dissertation centers on the ways that beauty prevents women from achieving happiness. However, she soon realizes that it is her great-aunt who will be doing the teaching.

Coming in at #4 is "Haole Wood" by Dee DeTarsio. In this island romance, mainlander Jaswinder Park encounters everything from crime fighting to commercial success on her trip to Maui. After she loses her job and decides to soak up the sun, Jaswinder must help her Granny Halmoni out of a sticky situation. Granny is the prime suspect in a murder that has shocked the island, and she already has a rap sheet. In the midst of this chaos, Jaswinder meets dermatologist Dr. Jac, and they begin a romance that sizzles under the hot Hawaiian sun.

At #5 is "The Job Blower" by Melinda De Ross. Cute and klutzy Camilla Jackson is desperately searching for her place in the world and making quite a few messes along the way. After getting fired, Camilla moves from one job to another, unsure of herself and her future. Then she meets Carter Evans, a dashing journalist who goes from casual encounter to serious romance. Carter might represent Camilla's future, if he can learn to let go of his past. Our endearing and adorable heroine may just trip and fall in love.

Our endearing and adorable heroine may just trip and fall in love.

Coming in at #6 is Susan Andersen's "Playing Dirty," the third installment of the "Sisterhood Diaries." In high school, popular boy Cade Gallari revealed to all of his classmates that he had sex with a "fat girl" just to win a childish bet and $200. That girl was Ava Spencer. Now, ten years later, Cade wants Ava's help on a documentary he's shooting. He wants even more to make amends. Ava must decide if she can forgive Cade's mistakes, and if she wants him in her future.

The #7 spot goes to Jannie Lund's "Vintage Dreams." Scott Sullivan never wanted to return to his hometown of Morello Cove. But when he's assigned the task of buying out a local boutique for his corporate coffee client, he must make the journey back home. Enter Danielle Harris, one of the shop's owners who is staunch in her decision; she has no interest in selling. So Scott hopes to pique her interest in something else: love. If Scott can't buy out her store, perhaps he can still steal Danielle's heart.

Coming in at the #8 spot is Chantilly White's holiday romance "Unwrapped." Sometimes the greatest gifts are hiding in plain sight. Derrick Fox has been in love with his best friend Mia for the past eight years. Although Mia has dated a string of duds, she has never given up on her promise to herself: she will only lose her virginity to someone after they've been together for three months. When she asks Derrick to be her first, he is in shock. He can't tell whether Mia is motivated by friendship, sex, or love. As the holidays near, the two best friends must decide what's really on their wish list.

He can't tell whether Mia is motivated by friendship, sex, or love.

Finally at #9 is "The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue" by Barbara Samuel. Trudy Marino is forty-six and thriving, with a beautiful Southwestern home, accomplished children, and a marriage that has lasted twenty years. She is shocked when she discovers that her husband has been secretly cheating on her for months. Trudy is now left to reframe the fragments of her broken life. With the help of her neighbors, she learns about the healing powers of true friendship.