9 YA Romance Novels Where Opposites Attract

Love can strike when it's least expected, and sometimes people find themselves falling for someone who it seems like they have nothing in common with. In the nine young adult romances listed here, couples who come from different backgrounds, or who have contrasting personalities, put aside their differences and come together in the name of love. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Young Adult Romances About Opposites: Our 9 Picks

Title Author
1. One Summer with Autumn Julie Reece
2. The Trouble with You L.A. Cotton
3. Eyes on Me Rachel Harris
4. When Summer Ends Jessica Pennington
5. Dating Trouble Anna Katmore
6. I am Free Regina Bartley
7. How I Fall Anne Eliot
8. Fading Away Dannielle Wicks
9. The Practice Boyfriend Christina Benjamin

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  1. It Happened One Night (1934)
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  3. You've Got Mail (1998)
  4. Six Days Seven Nights (1998)
  5. Drive Me Crazy (1999)
  6. Pride & Prejudice (2005)
  7. 27 Dresses (2008)
  8. The Proposal (2009)

Why Do We Love?

In Depth

Whether their personalities are totally divergent or merely a little different, the couples in the books included on this list prove that opposites really do attract. For anyone who enjoys unique romantic pairings, here, in no particular order, are nine young adult novels where seemingly mismatched lovers fall for each other.

Coming in at #1 is "One Summer with Autumn" by Julie Reece. Unlike her picture perfect twin sister, Autumn is a surly seventeen-year-old who can barely keep her anger in check. When she grudgingly attends her father's job fair and her sister lambastes her for being a disappointment, Autumn explodes. Nineteen-year-old Caden, who's looking to hire an intern for his company, steps in to break up the argument. Although he is met with the girl's scorn, he realizes she's the only viable candidate at the fair. The two find their guards coming down as they begin a relationship.

For #2 we find "The Trouble with You" by L.A. Cotton. Free-spirited high school senior Hailee can't wait to leave her football-loving town and bid farewell to her mean stepbrother Jason and his conceited athlete friends. She's especially looking forward to being rid of Cameron Chase, the wide receiver who's constantly pulling pranks on her with Jason. But when Cameron's mother becomes ill, he knows the only person he can turn to for emotional support is the girl he's made a habit of bullying. Little does Hailee know, she's about to fall in love with her enemy.

But when Cameron's mother becomes ill, he knows the only person he can turn to for emotional support is the girl he's made a habit of bullying.

At #3 is "Eyes on Me" by Rachel Harris. Lily is a fiercely diligent high-achiever with her sights set on Harvard. Stone is the popular superstar of their school's football team. When Lily enrolls in dancing lessons to ease her anxiety following a stress-related breakdown, she meets Stone, who's helping his mother make ends meet by working at her studio. Offered extra cash to be the girl's salsa partner, he accepts, and the two gradually fall for each other. But what will happen when Lily finds out that Stone was paid to dance with her?

For #4 we get "When Summer Ends" by Jessica Pennington. Taking place over one eventful Michigan summer, this sweet and emotional novel follows two struggling teenagers learning how to heal. Aiden, the star pitcher on his school's baseball team, must reconsider his life goals after an injury on the diamond leaves him with failing eyesight. Olivia, meanwhile, is dealing with the fallout from a breakup and the news from her aunt that they're moving to Arizona. Working as seasonal employees at a tourist spot, Aiden and Olivia discover how together, they can overcome their hardships and make the best of their summer.

Showing up at #5 is "Dating Trouble" by Anna Katmore. The bookish Susan finds herself in over her head when she gets involved with handsome twin brothers. At first, it's the charming Ethan who catches her fancy, and she's convinced he's the one for her. Everything is going smoothly between the two, until the pompous and unruly Chris enters the equation. Susan wants nothing to do with Chris, but he keeps trying to woo her. To make matters more complicated, Ethan doesn't seem to want to kiss her. It turns out that juggling the affections of disparate twin boys is no easy task.

At first, it's the charming Ethan who catches her fancy, and she's convinced he's the one for her.

For #6 we come to "I Am Free" by Regina Bartley. At eighteen, Grace is finally able to emancipate herself from her strict, abusive household. Leaving everything behind, she packs her bags and heads off to live with her aunt. When she is introduced to star athlete Jackson, the brother of a woman she befriends at her new job, Grace is caught off guard. In contrast to herself, Jackson is confident, appreciated, and always gets what he wants. Behind his swagger, however, is a surprisingly similar insecurity. As the two get closer, they learn how they can help each other grow into the people they want to be.

Arriving at #7 is "How I Fall" by Anne Eliot. Diehard football player and high school junior Cam is about to do the unthinkable: he's going to dial the number of his crush, the meek photographer Ellen. That's before the rambunctious, glitter-wearing Laura derails his plan, worming her way into his and Ellen's lives. When the three very different students are grouped together for a photography assignment, things get tricky. Will Laura keep preventing Cam from acting on his crush, or will her presence create new relationship possibilities?

For #8 we have "Fading Away" by Dannielle Wicks. This tantalizing supernatural romance follows Sammy, a lonely orphaned girl who is mercilessly teased by the rich, snooty Kai. When Kai takes his new truck out after a night of partying and ends up crashing into a tree, their relationship changes forever. That's because the accident has somehow transformed the bad boy into a dog. Struggling to cope with the social consequences of his new form, he seeks support from the person he would have least expected to provide it: Sammy.

That's because the accident has somehow transformed the bad boy into a dog.

Finally, at #9 is "The Practice Boyfriend" by Christina Benjamin. Having committed her high school life to getting straight A's, Hannah realizes shortly before graduation that she never gave herself time to have fun. Determined to redress this, she concocts a plan in which she'll use Cody, a boy she used to tutor, as a "practice" boyfriend to prepare for the legendary annual party thrown by her real crush, the beautiful and popular Harrison. It won't be easy putting up with the notoriously immoral Cody, but Hannah is ready for it, especially if it means landing Harrison as her date.