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Wed, 5 Sep 2018

Thanks to his popular Instagram account, Patrick Ta has quickly become a sought-after makeup artist among celebrities. We'll trace his journey as a self-taught freelancer through his rise as a social media star and major player in his field. For more on celebrity makeup artists, read this article on Mario Dedivanovic, and if you're ready to upgrade your own routine, check out this list of the best mascaras. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

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Patrick Ta is a celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles, California. He was born on February 12, 1991 in San Diego.

In his early years, he didn't really think of becoming a professional makeup artist. His foray into the world of makeup only began when he was 21. While living in Scottsdale, Arizona, he had a roommate who worked for MAC Cosmetics. He credits her for his entry into the beauty industry, because it was due to her influence that he also joined MAC as a freelance makeup artist. It was there that he launched his career, and spent his first year as a professional.

Unlike many other artists, Patrick is self-taught. While he wishes he could have done assistant work and learned from established artists, he did not have the chance to do so. Instead, he honed his skills during his year-long stint at MAC. There, he had to do the makeup of a lot of different types of people as quickly as he could.

His experience as a MAC artist enabled him to learn a lot. Patrick refined his skills through a constant process of trial and error. When he discovered Instagram, he took to it quickly, posting selfies and photos of himself and his friends. Soon, he was being hired as a freelance makeup artist for weddings and other events. Eventually, his schedule became packed as he was getting booked for gigs every day.

In those early years, he felt like he was advancing quickly. He had no idea how the makeup industry worked in big cities like Los Angeles or New York. However, he had always wanted to live in LA, so he decided to move there one year after he began working at MAC.

Patrick, who describes himself as a "professional dreamer" on his Instagram account, got the big break of his dreams through social media. His first celebrity client was Shay Mitchell from the teenage TV series "Pretty Little Liars." Shay was scrolling through Instagram when she found the pictures of makeup Patrick did on his girlfriends. She liked what she saw and called him to do her makeup.

A month later, model Gigi Hadid, who was then on her way to becoming a household name, also found him on social media. When her career took off, his career followed suit.

Patrick recognizes the role of Instagram in his becoming a makeup artist to the stars. In addition to Mitchell and Hadid, other big names also got to know of his work through the photo sharing site, which serves as his online portfolio. Among these are Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, and the Kardashians. As the gorgeous A-listers on his Instagram portfolio continue to multiply, so does the number of his followers.

Patrick's first five years in LA saw the growth of his artistry as well. From the heavy makeup looks he favored during his early years, Patrick has evolved his style into more natural, luminous, "glowy" looks that highlight the beauty of his clients.

He credits this style evolution to his celebrity clients, who, during his time with them, have taught him a great deal. With their extensive experience with makeup, they know which looks suit them. They also have the advantage of having worked with top artists, who have taught them their own tips and tricks.

In 2016, Patrick was one of three top makeup artists hired by skincare brand La Mer to be its ambassadors. In June 2017, he launched a beauty and makeup app called "Flawless by Patrick Ta." It features tutorials on how to recreate his famous celebrity looks and information on his favorite products.

Most of the clients he gained during his first year in Los Angeles still work with him. For Patrick, being part of their glamorous journey is the best part of his work.