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Alexys Fleming has been interested in makeup since she was in high school and today she runs a popular YouTube channel, where she shares tutorial videos for all kinds of body paint art and special effects makeup, from video game characters to popular Halloween costumes. In this guide, we'll look at how Lex got interested in cosmetology and how she's turned what was once a hobby into a full-time career. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

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Alexys Fleming's Career

2011 Fleming launches her YouTube channel, MadeYewLook
2014 She appears on CBS News' "Someone You Should Know" segment
2015 MadeYewLook reaches one million subscribers
2015 Lex takes over the Fox Horror Snapchat with a makeup transformation
2017 Fleming launches her own clothing line, Slightly Strange

Charitable Causes Alexys Fleming Supports

What is Made U Look by Lex?

Fleming's website,, is an online shop where you can buy products from Lex herself. Here are some of the things you can find on the site:

  1. Shop: Makeup brushes, stickers, and eyeliner
  2. MadeULook for a Cure: Information about Lex's fundraising efforts
  3. FAQ: Answers to questions about ordering and shipping
  4. About Alexys: Fleming's backstory and achievements

Zombie Bite Makeup Tutorial

Alexys Fleming on Social Media

In Depth

Alexys Fleming, also known as Lex, is a content creator on YouTube who is known for her body paint and makeup tutorial videos. She was born on February 24, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of nineteen, she acquired a license in both cosmetology and esthetics. In 2011, she created the "Madeyewlook" YouTube channel which, as of January 2018, has over two million subscribers.

When she was 13, Lex was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Because of her constant need to monitor her blood sugar, she started getting bullied by people who did not understand her condition. In an interview, she said that at one point, a girl purposefully broke her insulin pen by throwing it against a wall. As a way to cope with the stress that came with being bullied in high school and being diagnosed with diabetes, she started practicing cosmetology and esthetics.

Growing up, she started becoming fascinated by the concept of SFX makeup and body painting. After becoming a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, Lex started sharing her work on YouTube. There, she uploaded new makeup tutorials on a weekly basis. Over the years, her channel grew at a steady pace, gaining a few thousand subscribers every month. By 2015, Madeyewlook hit a milestone of one million subscribers. To celebrate this occasion, she organized a "Haunted Ball" in her hometown.

By 2015, Madeyewlook hit a milestone of one million subscribers.

As Lex's channel continued to grow, a few news outlets started noticing her. Most notably, she was featured in CBS News' "Someone You Should Know" segment in September 2014. There, she opened up a bit about her work process and some of her past experiences leading up to the start of her YouTube career. She was also featured on the front page of "Illusion Magazine," which is published by an online face paint store called "Illusion".

In 2015, Fox Home Entertainment approached Digital Media Management, an agency that specializes in helping their clients gain influence online, to promote their direct-to-video movie "The Exorcism of Molly Hartley." Seeing as how, at the time, Lex was one of the most popular horror-themed SFX makeup artists online, the agency chose to partner with her for the film's social media campaign.

Lex temporarily took control of the "Fox Horror" Snapchat account. There, she documented her transformation into one of the film's characters, Molly Hartley. After a few hours, a short clip of the finished product was posted on Dubsmash, where she acted out one of the scenes from the movie. The video was posted on the social media pages of both Lex and Fox. The campaign reached over two million people online, making it a success.

The campaign reached over two million people online, making it a success.

Aside from being a makeup artist, Lex is also an advocate for diabetes awareness. She leads the "MadeULook for a Cure" team, which participates in the "Step Out Walk," a series of annual fundraising events run by the American Diabetes Association. As of January 2018, they have managed to raise a total of over $100,000 for charity. Her website also states that she's raised a few thousand dollars on her own by auctioning off some of her paintings.

Lex also donates to other causes that aren't related to diabetes. In July 2017, she painted a large dog statue for the "K9s For Cops" fundraising campaign in Chicago. The proceeds of the aforementioned campaign went to two different charities, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and "PAWS Chicago." In the same year, she uploaded a sea-themed video for charity. All of the ad revenue generated by that video throughout the month was donated to a marine conservation organization.

Lex owns the "MadeULook" store, which is hosted on her official website. Here, she sells makeup brushes and handmade stickers. In October 2017, Lex launched the "Slightly Strange" clothing line, which features items that have her own artwork printed on them.