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What You Need To Know About CorpNet

CorpNet provides pre- and post-incorporation support to ensure your business is set up correctly. Whether you need to create a new business or manage an existing one, they have services to help. They streamline the incorporation and LLC formation process. On their website you can also register a DBA, file annual business reports, and file for a trademark. CorpNet offers both incorporation packages and individual services. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

A free cloud-based corporate compliance tool is available to everyone, whether you have contracted their services or not. The compliance tool alerts you of any critical filing dates. Filing your annual reports and other paperwork on time can help you avoid costly late penalties. It also gives you reminders of tax due dates and other important deadlines. These alerts can be set up for multiple businesses. They are state and industry specific.

CorpNet has a starting a business checklist that walks you through the steps to properly incorporate your business. Those starting their first business will find it extremely helpful. It contains useful information on naming and protecting your business. It also addresses the process of applying for a tax ID number and obtaining business licenses. Additionally, there are tips on opening a business bank account.

On their website you can find a handy incorporation guide that fully explains the benefits of incorporating. It breaks down the pros and cons of each corporation type. It also gives advice on how to avoid double taxation. The guide can help you determine the best state to incorporate your business. In addition to starting a standard corporation, CorpNet offers non-profit formation services. After creation, they can help you file a tax exempt status for your non-profit.

If you enroll in one of CorpNet's monthly subscription plans, you are provided access to a licensed attorney. There is a small fee for this service, however. CorpNet has established themselves as a reliable provider of business incorporation and management services. They are an ideal choice for small companies who may periodically need some legal support. They offer a range of products and have multiple support channels if you need help. CorpNet can be used to set up any type of corporate structure.

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