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What You Need To Know About FreedomVoice

Freedom Voice is a cost-effective virtual phone solution for small businesses. Its pricing tiers are based exclusively on the amount of minutes you need per month. Additional minutes are billed at the same low rate across all tiers. Each tier also comes with the same suite of features. Even if you come in at the lowest level, you get everything the top tier gets. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

The company’s website is incredibly simple. There’s no excessive navigation to figure out your plan. Signing up is a fast, step-by-step process. You can choose a toll-free or local number at no extra cost. You can also grab a vanity number for a one-time activation fee. When you type in an ideal word, the service creates your corresponding number.

A virtual attendant answers for you. When a customer calls, they’ll meet a customized attendant who will guide them to a department. From there you can have calls forwarded to any phone, including your personal mobile device. This is useful if you’re out of the office and you need to take a call. The app that connects to the system works for iPhone and Android devices. The service doesn’t connect to Windows phones, however.

There’s a solid web interface. A comprehensive console allows you to check multiple reports. You can see who’s calling and from what area. You can also use this interface to send and receive faxes from customers, clients, and partners.

Certain features come at an added cost. Overall, the company offers fewer options than others. If you want to be able to record calls, it’s an extra monthly cost. This is advisable, however. Recorded calls are great for training purposes and to protect you against legal claims. For another monthly cost, you can have your voicemail transcribed. The system can translate your phone messages into text. These appear as emails in your inbox for you to read. If you want more information about customers, you can pay a very small cost per call. The system will provide you with the name and address associated with the caller.

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