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What You Need To Know About Philadelphia Insurance

The Philadelphia Insurance Company is a commercial insurance provider with a positive corporate culture. They provide excellent personal trainer insurance. The company is part of the Tokio Marine Group. This group strives to place the needs of its customers and community ahead of its profit margins. That attitude filters down through the group’s many companies, including the Philadelphia Insurance Company.

The Philadelphia Insurance Company offers a tremendous amount of insurance products. They cover amusement parks, museums, life coaches, childcare centers, libraries, and more. They also provide coverage options for a slew of health and wellness professions, including personal trainers. Coverage limits under any policy are flexible beyond what’s listed on the website. You’ll even be covered on any international business trips that you take, so long as they’re under 30 days in length.

Risk Management is one of the Philadelphia Insurance Company’s highest priorities. You can see a detailed brochure of their risk management practices on the company website. Once you’re enrolled, the company will go so far as to visit your place of business. They can provide on-site consultation to help identify high-risk areas and practices. You’ll have a much easier time mitigating the dangers that lurk in professional wellness practices.

The Philadelphia Insurance Company takes a firm stance against environments that lend themselves to abuse. Personal trainers and fitness instructors maintain a position of physical power over their charges. Protecting yourself against accusations of sexual misconduct is only a fraction of the battle. The Philadelphia Insurance Company's priority is in safeguarding your clients against misconduct. That starts with education. The company provides ample resources to educate you and your employees about proper conduct.

The Philadelphia Insurance Company allows you to file claims online or by phone. The filing process is relatively simple. Phone contact for claims issues can be a little tricky. The company has a reputation for being tough to get a hold of, sometimes even during business hours. Fortunately, they provide an excellent set of online resources that should answer most of your pressing needs.

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