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What You Need To Know About RocketLawyer

RocketLawyer is a comprehensive online legal service. They can be used to incorporate a business, set up a DBA, or register a trademark. They also offer a range of other business and personal legal services. You can use them to file a divorce or get answers to common marriage questions about tax and estate issues. Using RocketLawyer to file a bankruptcy or initiate a personal injury claim process is simple. The legal services they offer are nearly limitless. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

On their website, you can create over 40,000 types of legal documents. After creating a document, you can choose to have a lawyer review it. This helps to ensure that your document is legally binding. It will also ensure that the document is adequately protecting you in case of future legal action. You can also get advice from a practicing lawyer using their Ask a Lawyer feature. You simply enter your question into the online form. Within minutes a lawyer will respond to your query with helpful information.

Business owners can benefit from using RocketLawyer. Different corporation structures offer different benefits. RocketLawyer can help you choose whether you should be incorporated as an S corporation, an LLC, or something different entirely. They can also be used to file articles of dissolution. It is important to file articles of dissolution correctly. This ensures fair distribution of assets and prevents tax repercussions.

RocketLawyer will connect you with a lawyer that specializes in your issue. They are associated with lawyers all across the United States. They also work with lawyers in the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. This is especially important, as laws differ state to state and country to country. Speaking with a lawyer that knows about the laws in your area ensures you are getting the most accurate information.

Members receive a number of benefits when contracting legal counsel. They get a 30 minute free lawyer consultation every time they have a new legal issue. Members are also provided with free cloud storage for documents. Additionally, they can hire a lawyer for a discounted rate. Unfortunately, some members report that they were still billed the monthly rate after downgrading their plan. We recommend calling and speaking to a customer representative if you choose to cancel your membership.

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