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Getting tested for an STD is as uncomfortable as it is important. The whole process can feel like a walk of shame. What’s more, if your doctor tests you, the results are likely to end up on your records permanently, even for a curable infection. A private STD test can remove that stigma and that discomfort. It can also often get you accurate results faster than your regular doctor.

Private STD tests streamline the process dramatically. They often consist of a simple questionnaire to determine your level of risk. From there, companies will recommend a certain battery of tests. Depending on the recommended tests, you’ll only need to offer urine, a gentle swab, or a few small drops of blood.

Private STD testing can take place in your home. Some services allow you to conduct the sample collection entirely on your own. This provides the most possible privacy. Others can send a specialist to your house to collect. It’s also common for a private STD test provider to send you to a local, private lab for testing.

With a private STD test, you get your results quickly. Many of these organizations can also get you in touch with doctors for immediate consultation. In a lot of states, it’s even legal for these doctors to provide you with a prescription to begin treatment right away. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

STD Check is a private STD testing service that provides results in just 1 to 2 days. The company coordinates with a large number of testing centers around the United States. You shouldn’t have to travel very far to take your test. Because the results are private, they won’t show up on your medical records. This can be beneficial for people in precarious insurance situations.

The STD Check website helps you determine what to test for. If it’s been a while since you’ve been tested, you may not be sure what tests are relevant to your activity. The STD Check website has a simple, automated questionnaire that you can fill out in just a few minutes. The results of that quiz will tell you what your risk factors are. It will inform you which STD tests are most important for you to take. Most often this will be a choice between the 10 test panel with or without HIV early detection.

You get your results via email. Even though you test in person, STD Check will email you your results. This helps ensure your privacy. No one will see any physical letters from any lab or facility. The email results are incredibly easy to read and understand. Any positive results will clearly say positive on the line for a given STD. Negative results are listed just as clearly.

Our #2 Pick myLAB Box

The myLab Box is an in-home STD testing kit. You administer the test yourself. There are no embarrassing encounters with doctors or with fellow patients in a waiting room. The testing process itself is virtually pain-free. It’s also very easy to do correctly, so you can trust the results you get back. You’ll receive an email with a link to your private results within five to 11 days of testing.

The myLAb Box is designed for discretion. The box in which your testing kit ships won’t give away its contents. There’s no brand name or company name printed on the box or on its label. The return address is listed as the company’s fulfillment center. No mailperson, neighbor, or housemate will be aware of what’s inside. The return envelope for your sample is also generic mail material with nothing specific to give away its nature.

The testing process is simple and nearly painless. With the myLab Box, all you need to get results is one of three samples. You’ll either send in a small amount of urine, a vaginal swab, or a few drops of blood pricked from your finger. The STDs for which you’re testing will determine what the lab will require. The lab’s needs will be clearly conveyed to you in your directions.

Our #3 Pick STD Test Express

STD Test Express is an online clinic for fast, private STD screening. The organization is teamed up with a national doctor’s network called the Analyte Physicians Group. This partnership ensures that there will be a lab relatively close to your home. It also allows the system’s doctors to write prescriptions where permitted by state law. You can order your test, get your results, and seek effective treatment all in one place.

STD Test Express streamlines the process of testing. All you have to do is answer a simple set of questions. Based on your answers, the system will recommend certain tests. In many cases, it’s advisable to test for as much as possible. You’ll then visit a local testing facility and provide whatever samples they require. Doctors from within the company group will be available for further consultation after you get your results.

You can also schedule an in-home test. Some patients may have mobility issues or problems with transportation. There may also be privacy concerns if the only local testing center is too close to a patient’s work or home. When that’s the case, STD Test Express can provide you with an in-home sample collection. A specialist will come to your house, or to any location you specify. They will quickly take your sample and deliver it directly to the lab.

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