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Buying contact lenses from your optometrist is a surefire way to spend too much money. While it used to be the only option, a host of online retailers has cropped up over the past few decades. In addition to offering significant savings, they also make it easier to refill your prescription without leaving your home.

These retailers are able to offer such low prices because they ship their products directly from the manufacturers. By cutting out the middleman, they save you money. This also allows them to offer bulk discounts, so stocking up on lenses can help lower your costs even more.

Most of these services require nothing more than a recent prescription to approve your order. Some may contact your doctor's office to verify. All of them carry a wide range of lenses, and many also offer cheap prescription eyewear as well. No matter what kind of contacts you need, they can help. Most also don't charge for standard shipping. Rush upgrades are also available.

Whether you need disposables, bifocals, or colored lenses, there are options for you at one of these retailers. Popular brands include Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, and Bausch and Lomb. Lesser-known selections are also available. Most of the time, orders can be placed in just a few minutes, so why delay? Your eyes will thank you, as will your wallet.Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

1-800-Get-Lens is an online retailer of contact lenses. Their goal is to make it easy for consumers to order new contacts and to beat the prices offered by opticians. They carry a wide range of lenses in their inventory to ensure they can meet your needs. As long as you have a prescription, you can easily and quickly stock up on fresh lenses. They even offer bulk discounts to help you stay on top of your budget.

There are three ways to browse the selection on GetLens. The dropdown menu on their homepage features an alphabetically organized selection of their offerings. You can also browse by manufacturer or lens type. The former includes Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, CooperVision, Johnson and Johnson, and more. Types include vial, disposable, bifocal, gas permeable, and silicone hydrogel. They also sell a wide range of color and other novelty lenses.

The ordering process at GetLens requires just a few quick steps. First, locate the lenses you want to order. Then fill out the prescription information for each eye and select a quantity. Lenses for each eye are boxed separately, so the quantities don't need to match. The more boxes you buy of each type, the more you can save. In general, a 6-month supply will get you the best discount. When it's time to place another order of your lenses, simply log into your account and hit the "reorder" button. Follow the steps and you can have a fresh supply on its way to you within a few minutes. They'll even send you an email reminder when it's time for a refill.

Our #2 Pick LensDirect

LensDirect is a web marketplace designed to save you money on contact lenses. In operation since 1992, they are one of the oldest online vision care retailers. They offer a membership program to help you save additional money through exclusive promotions and special offers. No matter your needs, they have lenses to meet them, at lower prices than those at your doctor's office. They also sell sunglasses and contact accessories, like eye drops and cleaning solutions.

LensDirect offers several ways to browse their offerings. For contacts, they display some of their most popular options on their homepage. You can also browse by type, in a dropdown menu that includes daily, weekly, monthly, toric, and theatrical lenses. If you prefer to shop by brand, they make that easy as well. Those on offer include Avaira, Biomedics, FreshLook, Soflens, and Focus, to name a few.

Once you've found the lenses you want, LensDirect makes it easy to place an order. Simply fill out your prescription information and select a quantity for each eye. On the product page, they'll show you how much you're saving compared to standard retail prices. They also have an auto-refill feature that can help you save even more money. When you run out of your supply, they'll automatically send you another order. You can easily adjust the frequency and quantity at any time.

Our #3 Pick has been in the online contact lens retail business since 1995. They promise that most customers can place an order within five minutes of arriving on their website. They offer wholesale prices on name brand lenses, much like competitor sites like ContactLensKing. They accept prescriptions ordered by all eye doctors, but can also grant you a prescription themselves. Their innovative online vision test is a game changer for the field.

Like all contact lens retailers, requires that you have a valid prescription in order to place an order. You can upload it yourself or provide them with your doctor's information. In the latter case, they'll do the work for you. What sets them apart is their online vision test. With just a computer and a smartphone, they can assess your vision on their website in just a few minutes. A licensed doctor reviews every prescription before lenses are shipped. Approval usually takes fewer than 24 hours.

In their homepage header, offers two options for browsing their selections. The first is a dropdown menu that lists every product they sell. If you know what you're looking for, simply scroll down until you find it. The second is a list of brands they sell. If you have a preference, click through to see a list of their available products. Popular brands include Boston, Focus, Optima, Proclear, and Soflens. You can also browse by lens type.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick ContactLensKing

Contact Lens King is an online retailer of the same name brand lenses you can buy from your optician. Their prices, however, are a different story. Thanks to their relationships with manufacturers, they offer steep discounts of up to 70 percent. The more you buy, the better deals they can offer you. All of their products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. You can trust them to help you get what you need to see clearly.

Our #5 Pick 1-800 Contacts

1 800 Contacts is perhaps the most well-known contact lens retailer in the world. They offer lenses at much lower prices than those available at doctors' offices across the country. In addition to their wholesale prices, they offer many other discounts and ways to save. Free shipping and a lowest-price guarantee seal the deal.

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