10 Dangerous and Enticing Paranormal Romances

When a human character starts dating a being with supernatural powers and gets pulled into a world full of magic, covert organizations, and dark secrets, it can be everything from passionate and exciting to dangerous and terrifying. The ten paranormal romance books listed here explore every angle of these intense relationships and are sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Paranormal Romance Novels: Our 10 Picks

Title Author
1. Lancaster House Taylor Dean
2. Wolf at the Door Sofia Grey
3. Divided Loyalties Lia Davis
4. Forged by Fate Reese Monroe
5. Moonlight Lisa Kessler
6. Shifter's Sacrifice Lisa Ladew
7. Unholy Proposal Misty Dietz
8. Push and Pull Emily Cyr
9. Atlantis Rising Alyssa Day
10. The Cajun's Captive Selena Blake

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8 Great Paranormal Romance Films

  1. Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
  2. Graveyard Shift (1987)
  3. Ghost (1990)
  4. Practical Magic (1998)
  5. Tuck Everlasting (2002)
  6. Warm Bodies (2013)
  7. Beautiful Creatures (2013)
  8. Vampire Academy (2014)

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In Depth

Some people are attracted to brooding loners hiding dark secrets, and in stories where paranormal entities are involved, these characters often reveal themselves to be wildly alluring creatures, such as werewolves and vampires. If you're looking for books that feature high-octane action and steamy, intimate scenes, then here, in no particular order, are ten dangerous and enticing paranormal romances.

First up, at #1, we have "Lancaster House" by Taylor Dean. Looking for a fresh start, interior designer Zoe Grayson purchases an old, rundown Victorian mansion, which she's determined to renovate and sell for a profit. Over time, strange things happen around her, and she learns that the house's builder, Mr. Lancaster, is still somehow alive and secretly living with her. She soon ends up in a psychiatric hospital, where she must convince people that the events she's witnessed in the mansion actually happened.

Next, at #2, is "Wolf at the Door" by Sofia Grey. After breaking up with her boyfriend, pop star Lillian decides to retreat to a remote cabin. Upon arriving there, an injured wolf shows up at her doorstep. She lets the creature in and nurses it back to health, but she soon realizes that it's actually a shapeshifter named Jake, the alpha of the Snowdonia pack. They quickly fall for each other, but they must tread carefully, as Lillian's popularity could expose the existence of wolf shifters.

They quickly fall for each other, but they must tread carefully, as Lillian's popularity could expose the existence of wolf shifters.

At #3 is "Divided Loyalties" by Lia Davis. Christa Baker is a member of Shield, a group of human rebels who hunt down rogue shapeshifters. When a new, evil leader takes over the organization, she starts questioning her allegiances, yearning for a way to leave their ranks. In a twisted way, she's relieved when a werewolf named Hayden kidnaps her during a raid on the rebels' headquarters. The pair soon realize that they have a common enemy, and they must work together to take down the new Shield boss.

Next up, at #4, we have Reese Monroe's "Forged by Fate." Theo Bradford, the Gatekeeper of Hades, is tasked with bringing back demons that have escaped the underworld. He's desperately seeking his mate, whose love is destined to grant him more power. One day, he finally finds the person he's been looking for: Sadie Nowland, a teenager who's about to graduate from college. Sadie's life is changed forever when she learns about her destiny, and when demons come after her, they must work together to survive.

Next, at #5, is "Moonlight" by Lisa Kessler. Abandoned as a child, Lana Turpin is completely unaware of her true nature as a jaguar shifter, sworn enemy of the werewolves. When werewolf Adam Sloan meets her at the local diner, he prepares to kill her. Before he can do so, he realizes that Lana is his mate, and a mysterious organization is out to get her. Together, they must stop the people who are hunting her down, dodging assassins and Adam's own family along the way.

When werewolf Adam Sloan meets her at the local diner, he prepares to kill her.

At #6 is "Shifter's Sacrifice" by Lisa Ladew. Trevor Burbank is a werewolf cop whose pack secretly protects the human world from the forces of evil. His pack is dying, and the only way they can ensure its survival is if every male member can find their prophesied half-angel mates. Trevor eventually finds his, a woman named Gabriela Carmi, and realizes that she's being tormented by a demon. Together, they must find a way to defeat the evil creature before he can take Gabriela for himself.

Next up, at #7, we have "Unholy Proposal" by Misty Dietz. Law student Jessie Blaze works as a bartender to make ends meet. When the enigmatic Nate Temple becomes her boss, she quickly falls in love with him. Unbeknownst to her, Nate is a demon hunter tasked with protecting humanity from the children of Lucifer. When devils learn about his relationship with Jessie, they go after her family, forcing the couple to join forces and fight their enemies together.

At #8 is "Push and Pull" by Emily Cyr. Seven years ago, Addison Fitzpatrick was saved by a vampire named Cannon Blackwood, who offered to pay her debt to a drug dealer in exchange for owing him three favors. As Addison is finally getting her life back on track, Cannon asks for her help, and she can't refuse. With the help of Lachlan, a professional thief, they must steal and destroy any evidence related to an experimental drug that threatens to destroy the vampire race.

As Addison is finally getting her life back on track, Cannon asks for her help, and she can't refuse.

Next, at #9, is Alyssa Day's "Atlantis Rising." Riley Dawson is an empath who has a strange connection to the ocean. One night, a group of vampires attacks her. She's immediately saved by Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, who is surprised to learn that she possesses an ability that only Atlanteans have had access to for millennia. Conlan is on an important quest to find and return Poseidon's stolen trident, but his desire to be with Riley and protect her from his enemies may get in the way of his search.

Finally, at #10, we have "The Cajun's Captive" by Selena Blake. Sebastian Deveraux, the Alpha of his pack, has been waiting for centuries to find his mate. Ten years ago, he was convinced that Amanda St. James is the one he's been looking for, but was left devastated when she ran away from him. Now, circumstances bring her back to his doorstep, and this time, he won't let her leave, even if it means tying her up and keeping her captive.