10 Epic Romance Novels Featuring Angels & Demons

Angels and demons have fascinated humanity since biblical times and, as any fan of Supernatural or Good Omens will tell you, the lore of these powerful entities influences plenty of beloved contemporary fiction. If you love books that feature passionate romance set against an epic backdrop of the battle between good and evil, check out the ten wonderful works listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Romances About Demons and Angels: Our 10 Picks

Title Author
1. Awaiting Fate J.L. Sheppard
2. All For You Dana Marie Bell
3. Lover Uncloaked Tina Folsom
4. The Deal S.C. Cunningham
5. Divinity Patricia Leever
6. The Angel of All That Matters Beth Gualda
7. Styx Layla Frost
8. The Dragon Legacy Jane Hunt
9. Vengeance Born Kylie Griffin
10. Charmeine Emily Guido

Fun Date Ideas For Your Real-Life Romance

You and your loved one may not be able to take up arms in the great battle of Heaven and Hell, but there are still plenty of things you can do to have fun and spend time together.

8 Great Movies & TV Shows Featuring Angels & Demons

  1. Good Omens (2019)
  2. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)
  3. Fallen (2016)
  4. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
  5. Supernatural (2005)
  6. City of Angels (1998)
  7. Constantine (2005)
  8. Lucifer (2015)

The Origin & Evolution of Satan

In Depth

In some of the most compelling fantasy stories, creatures and characters from vastly different worlds come together despite their differences to join forces and embark on epic journeys to save the world. If you love books about fallen angels, bad guys with hearts of gold, and sinners looking for redemption, here, in no particular order, are some magnificent books about breaking barriers, communing with demons, and finding salvation through love.

Coming in at #1 is J.L. Sheppard's "Awaiting Fate." Cain is a 400-year-old creature with plenty of scores to settle. He's watched everyone he's ever loved die, and the only thing that keeps him going is his quest for vengeance. Until he meets Olivia, a delicate werewolf princess who's everything he's ever dreamed of. Not wanting to scare her away, Cain tries befriending the young woman.

When she starts developing an intense crush on the dangerous demon, she assumes that her love is one-sided. Determined to free herself from the pain of unrequited love, Olivia bolts. But Cain won't be denied so easily.

But Cain won't be denied so easily.

At #2 is "All For You" by Dana Marie Bell. Abby is on the run from a stalker. Her only protector is Seth, a friend of her brother with a strange secret. He's part of an ancient race of good angels placed on earth to hunt and destroy their evil counterparts. It's a huge part of who he is, but as he and Abby fall deeper in love, he's torn about whether or not to tell her the whole story. Will Abby truly understand, or will learning the truth drive her away for good?

For #3 we find Tina Folsom's "Lover Uncloaked." Demons walk the Earth, corrupting humans and convincing them to follow their dark orders. Luckily, protectors like Aiden exist to make sure the evil forces don't get the upper hand. But even the invisible, immortal Aiden can't fight what's coming: a dangerous elixir that could make it easier for demons to control human minds. Scientist Leila is tasked with creating the formula. The only problem? She's been told it's a miracle cure for Alzheimer's with a few sketchy side effects.

If Aiden can get to Leila and convince her of the truth in time, maybe the human race, and their new love affair, can stand a chance at survival.

If Aiden can get to Leila and convince her of the truth in time, maybe the human race, and their new love affair, can stand a chance at survival.

At #4 is "The Deal" by S.C. Cunningham. Amy's life has been defined by chaos and tragedy. After a traumatic incident befalls her as a child, she makes a deal with God: if she can live a virtuous life, she'll be allowed to fight for justice in the afterlife. When Amy dies suddenly in adulthood, she realizes her childhood wish was rooted in reality. There's a force of angelic special agents who exist to fight for good from up above. Amy knows exactly who she wants to hunt first, but her partner, a troubled angel with a dark backstory, has other plans.

At #5 is Patricia Leever's "Divinity." Evelyn is a demon hunter at the top of her field. Assigned to protect humans by her agency, the Lebriga Corporation, she uses her powerful Divinity blade to slay killers before they destroy human lives. A new recruit at the corporation, however, is about to make her job much more difficult. Daniel is cocky, talented, and mysteriously drawn to Evelyn, who has the same enchanted tattoos on her body as he does.

Coming in at #6 is "The Angel of All That Matters" by Beth Gualda. As an Angel of Death, Aksariel has a simple job to do: usher humans from one plane of existence to the next. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't room for him to improve. When his commander instructs him to fall in love in order to gain a better understanding of the human bonding process, he doesn't waste time finding Caroline, a gentle caregiver looking after her mother in her final days.

That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't room for him to improve.

Caroline is drawn to the beautiful new hospice worker in her midst, but has some misgivings. Will Aksariel allow himself to fall for her for real, or is it all just another game?

For #7, we get Layla Frost's "Styx." Haden "Denny" Underwood had to overcome a lot to transform into the confident, self-assured woman she is today. Living in her grandmother's old house, she can still feel connected to the person who loved her most as a child. But there's something else going on with the old family home, as Denny discovers when she starts hearing a strange voice. The person calling out to her is understanding, flattering, and incredibly sexy.

Can she free the force trapped within the walls and be with him in the real world, or is she falling prey to a mischievous spirit's demonic tricks?

Can she free the force trapped within the walls and be with him in the real world, or is she falling prey to a mischievous spirit's demonic tricks?

At #8 is Jane Hunt's "The Dragon Legacy." A murder mystery weekend in the English countryside? What could possibly go wrong? Fleur needs a bit of spice in her life, but she never imagined that a simple weekend retreat could put her face to face with demon hunter Lukas Draco. At first, it seems like they couldn't have less in common. Lukas is all about his work, and Fleur is trying to heal her old romantic wounds. But when all hell breaks loose quite literally, the two will have to bond if they're going to make it out of this paranormal escape room alive.

At #9 is "Vengeance Born" by Kylie Griffin. As the daughter of the demon Na'Reish King, Annika is supposed to be held in high regard by her subjects. Instead, she's scorned as a half-blood. She was brought into being for a dark purpose: to serve as a secret weapon against the clan's foes. When warrior Kalan, a demon slayer, ends up imprisoned by her army, Annika finally has someone she can trust, someone who might even be able to guide her toward a better life.

Finally, at #10 is Emily Guido's "Charmeine." As a Light-Bearer with ties to the heavenly world beyond, orphaned school teacher Charmeine is a force for good. But her life on Earth has been anything but easy. She arrived as a teenager, with no memory of where she came from or how she got her powers. When the unsuspecting angel gets attacked by a vicious hunter out for her blood, she's saved by a cunning vampire named Tabbruis, and it isn't long before she finds herself falling hard for him.