9 Sensational Gay Paranormal Romance Books

Whether you're into vampires, werewolves, or other creatures that go bump in the night, you've come to the right place. Paranormal romance isn't just for straight people; anyone can fantasize about finding a mate with supernatural abilities. The nine enthralling works listed here tell the stories of shapeshifters, angels, sorcerers, and humans as they overcome obstacles, grapple with their destiny, and fight for true love. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

MLM Paranormal Romance: Our 9 Picks

Title Author
1. His Consort Mary Calmes
2. Sunday’s Child Lex Valentine
3. Holy Cow! E.M. Lynley
4. Cherries Worth Getting Nicole Kimberling
5. Shadows Fall J.K. Hogan
6. Familiar Angel Amy Lane
7. The Cat in the Cradle Jay Bell
8. The Last Sun K.D. Edwards
9. The Uncrossing Melissa Eastlake

Fun Date Ideas For Your Real-Life Romance

Your significant other may not be able to turn into a wolf during the full moon, but there are still plenty of non-magical ways that you can spice up your relationship.

  1. Vampires
  2. Shapeshifters
  3. Werewolves
  4. Ghosts
  5. Demons

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What is Paranormal Romance?

In Depth

Growing up gay can make you feel like you're burdened with a great power that sets you apart from everyone else. For readers who know that feeling of being an outsider all too well, it can be fun to indulge in tales of shapeshifters, fairies, werewolves, and other creatures as they try to achieve their destiny and find their perfect mate. Here, in no particular order, are some great stories about queer paranormals fighting for love against all odds.

In the #1 spot is "His Consort" by Mary Calmes. Shop owner Jason is loving his new life in New Orleans. Of course, the fact that the city is overrun with vampyrs does pose a small problem, especially when Jason finds himself the object of vampyr Prince Varic Maedoc's desires. What started as a harmless affair gets serious pretty quickly, but before the two can take their relationship to the next level, they have to figure out which of their friends are secretly their deadly enemies, hell-bent on getting Jason out of the picture for good.

At #2 is Lex Valentine's "Sunday's Child." Randall Wise may be single at thirty, but that doesn't mean he's ready to settle down. As a bisexual wizard, Rand is fond of sampling life's many pleasures. That is, until he lays eyes on his gorgeous new neighbor, the awkward, shy Brendan Thorne. It doesn't take long for the couple to fall into bed together. What happens there, however, is more explosive than either could have imagined. Are the two bonded by exquisite sex alone, or is there something more magical at play?

As a bisexual wizard, Rand is fond of sampling life's many pleasures.

At #3 is "Holy Cow!" by E.M. Lynley. When tourist Duncan visits the enchanted city of Jaisalmer during a trip to India, he's completely blown away by the beauty of the place. He's even more taken with Akash, a captivating man and a direct descendant of Nandi, Shiva's famous bull. Akash is looking for a mate, and not just anyone will do. His family is strict, and with his grandmother's health on the line, his whole dynasty is in danger. If the men want their love affair to last, they'll have to follow their hearts and fight against prejudice.

For #4 we find Nicole Kimberling's "Cherries Worth Getting." There's a creative killer haunting Portland, Oregon's fine dining scene, and his favorite dish is human flesh. Good thing agent Keith Curry is on the case. To catch the gruesome serial cannibal, he'll have to immerse himself in the city's dark, paranormal underworld. It's nothing Keith can't handle, but the fact that an old lover is back on the scene and acting shifty could complicate matters.

For #5 we get J.K. Hogan's "Shadows Fall." Detective Charlie Hale has to stop the brutal Queen City Slayer from taking another victim. The problem is, this killer's good. There are no prints, no scraps of evidence, and no leads. The only thing to do is call in Titus McGinty, a young man who can talk to ghosts. As Titus and Charlie work on the case, they find themselves growing closer, even in the midst of the terrible danger closing in. If they want their relationship to live another day, they'll have to catch the culprit before Titus becomes his next victim.

As Titus and Charlie work on the case, they find themselves growing closer, even in the midst of the terrible danger closing in.

At #6 is "Familiar Angel" by Amy Lane. Brothers Harry, Edward, and Francis are gifted with shapeshifting abilities. Ever since gaining their powers nearly 150 years ago, they've used them to fight for good and stop evil in its tracks. But Harry wants more. He's been dreaming for decades of the angel Suriel, who appeared to him when he first got his powers. Suriel loves Harry, but he's not sure if he can count on the reckless shifter enough to break his bonds of service and travel to Earth. Although, with Harry in danger, maybe it's a risk worth taking.

At #7 is "The Cat in the Cradle" by Jay Bell. Dylan is used to battling eel-men and outsmarting sorcerers. But he's never dealt with an enemy like this before. Someone is killing the world's most powerful men remotely without leaving a trace, and Dylan is directly in the line of fire. He'll have to depend on his bodyguard Tyjinn, to help catch the killer before he meets his end. But Dylan doesn't just have survival on his mind. With his feelings for Tyjinn heating up, he has to choose between fighting for his life and fighting for something to live for.

At #8 is "The Last Sun" by K.D. Edwards. The son of a powerful woman from Atlantis is missing, and there's only one place where he could be. Rune Saint John knows that New Atlantis, the colony created by Atlantean survivors, holds the answers. But the deeper he and his trusted companion Brand get into the case, the closer they get to the horrible truth behind the murder of Rune's family years ago. Rune has two choices: he can run from the truth as usual, or face up to it at last.

Rune Saint John knows that New Atlantis, the colony created by Atlantean survivors, holds the answers.

Finally, at #9, is Melissa Eastlake's "The Uncrossing." Luke knows that working for the Kovrovs will be a challenge, but he can't wait to show off his curse-breaking skills for one of the most important magical families in New York. The trouble starts when Luke is faced with a dark spell he can't reverse. Maybe it has to do with the war that's brewing in the city, or maybe it's tied to Jeremy, the boy he loves. Luke was counting on true love's kiss to save the day, but it looks like it's going to take more than that this time.