The Unofficial Rebecca Botin Wiki

Thu, 6 Sep 2018

Rebecca Botin is a European fashion photographer and influencer who has made her mark on the industry mainly through her blog and various social media accounts. She has worked with high-profile brands and clients and attends several fashion shows and photo shoots every year. In this guide, we'll take a look at Botin's path to success. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Who is Rebecca Botin?

Rebecca Botin is a jack of many trades. Here are some of the roles that she plays:

  • Photographer
  • Creative Director
  • Fashion Influencer
  • Client Manager
  • Consultant
  • Public Relations
  • Co-founder of That Bureau

Fashion Photoshoot Shot by Rebecca Botin

Books About Fashion

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In Depth

Rebecca Botin is a creative director, photographer, and influencer based in London. She was born in Italy but grew up in Denmark with her parents and two sisters. From 2004 to 2007, she studied at Aalborg Cathedral School. She then pursued her studies at Aalborg University.

While studying, she worked as a professor's assistant at the university. She did transcription jobs at the faculty of communication for a professor. For a few months in 2010, she served as a leader-servant at a bar called Garibaldi for a summer job.

After that, she worked as a full-time servant and operation manager at a restaurant called Pingvin. Her responsibilities included setting schedules, managing stock, training staff, and assisting in buying wine.

She also worked as a check-in agent and gate assistant at Aalborg Lufthavn. As a handling agent, she worked with various airline companies including Cimber Sterling, Norwegian Air Shuttle, K.L.M., Thomas Cook, Jet Time, and Vueling. From May 2012 to May 2013, she worked at Joe and The Juice as a local social media manager and juicer.

With her experiences, she had earned various certificates including Science of Coffee, First Aid, and Service Excellence from Nestle Nespresso and PRM Part One from Scandinavian Airlines. She also gained a Certificate of Competence - Dangerous Goods Regulations from the International Air Transport Association.

Rebecca studied at the European School of Economics for a year. She learned about e-business and e-commerce, luxury goods, international business decision making, brand management, marketing, and trend forecasting.

Rebecca and her partner, who was looking to pursue an MBA degree, moved from Denmark to London in the spring of 2014. During this relocation, Botin considered a career change to improve her life status.

In 2015, she started to work as a "creativepreneur," public relations manager, photographer, and consultant. She worked with some of London's leading digital influencers within fashion and lifestyle. Then in 2017, she co-founded That Bureau which connects top influencers and talents with emerging and leading brands.

For Botin, London opened doors for opportunities in the creative fields she had always been passionate about. These include fashion, photography, social media, and networking. Since her childhood she has always liked to draw and paint. She found the combination of Instagram and camera phones a perfect recipe to express her artistic side.

In addition to attending various fashion shows and photo shoots, including London Fashion Week, Rebecca writes for her blog She also photographs known fashion bloggers including InTheFrow, LornaLuxe, and The Southern Dutchess.

Botin uses her blog as a public diary. In an interview with Tabitha Webb, she mentions that her blog serves as a platform for her photoshoots as well as her photographic achievements. Even though she has a strong following on Instagram, some of her work is posted exclusively on her blog.

As a creative director, photographer, and influencer, she has collaborated with high-end fashion and lifestyle brands including Bulgari, Eurostar, Adidas, KNOMO London, Vixen and Blush, Prima Lashes and Kurt Geiger among others. Her services also include talent management, public relations, and consultancy aside from photography.

In November 2011, Rebecca married Jimmy Bach and they soon had their first child. Since she's been in London, Botin has dedicated a lot of her time to freelancing and partnering with some of the biggest names in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Aside from her website, she can be reached through her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts.