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What You Need To Know About Leesa

Leesa was founded on the basis of accountability, sleep simplicity and environmental awareness. Based in Virginia Beach, the company is a rapidly-growing e-commerce brand and certified B-corporation. It has over thirty years of experience in the industry. Through the innovative One-Ten program, Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold through its website. Partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, it will also plant a tree for every mattress sold. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

The Leesa mattress delivers a universal adaptive feel for any stomach, side, or back sleeper. This means you don't have to worry about comparing several models with varying levels of firmness to suit your needs. Three high-quality foam layers maintain support. The top Avena foam layer is both perforated and hypoallergenic. It promotes good bounce, freedom of movement, and a cooling effect. The two-inch memory foam layer contours and adapts to your body's shape. The core support foam base layer is six inches thick and provides the necessary stability to prevent sinkage.

Traditional box springs and curved slat frames need not apply. The design of the Leesa mattress shines when placed on either a solid platform or straight slats with minimal give. You can also choose between Leesa's Classic and Air Lifting Limited Edition mattress covers. These are made from a polyester-lycra fabric blend and marked with the company's iconic four-striped pattern. The seamless edge of the covers gives the mattress a stylish and streamlined appearance.

Orders typically arrive within three to five days of purchase. The mattress arrives in a compressed box that is easy to unpack. Setup of the mattress itself is extremely straightforward. Directions are printed on the inside flaps of the shipping box, which you will see upon arrival.

The Leesa mattress supports a maximum weight of three hundred pounds. It may not be the best option for overweight sleepers. It also tends to have a lingering odor when brand new. The cover is not machine washable, so a mattress protector is recommended to protect it against spills and stains. Despite these issues, its universally adaptive design makes it a great choice for many different sleeping positions. Each mattress is also built to order.

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