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What You Need To Know About MightyCall

Mighty Call is a virtual phone service with an emphasis on sound quality. They use hardware-based voice compression to prevent tinny, metallic voices. Their systems are integrated with third party routers, so calls connect closer to each other. That eliminates the annoying voice delay other companies deal with. The company also uses advanced codecs and flexible algorithms to ensure the highest quality voices over your lines. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Transcribed voicemails get sent to your inbox. Slow-talking customers eat up time. It can be much faster to read through a transcribed voicemail sent right to your email inbox. The audio recording is also attached to each email. If the software gets an important word or two wrong, you can listen back to hear what was said. This service also makes it easy to share the most important messages with your team. The software even converts voicemail emails to tasks in their provided task manager. Your team can then take whatever actions you need to in response.

It’s free to keep your existing number. Mighty Call offers number porting, allowing you to keep you number. If you’ve heavily advertised your current number, this is very useful. The company can port private, local, and toll-free numbers with speed and ease. The best part is that it’s provided at no additional cost to you. There is a cost if you want to upgrade from your current number to a toll-free option.

You can tie your phone system into your website. When customers visit your site on their mobile phones, they can click to call you. This increases the likelihood of contact. It also immediately improves your standing with potential customers. If you receive a heavy amount of phone traffic, you can also set up call back requests. This way, your customers don’t have to wait on hold.

Mighty Call uses all your current hardware to get you started. No VoIP or separate cell phones needed. Some employers prefer to outfit their workers with dedicated work phones. The idea is to separate the professional from the personal. But Mighty Call's routing systems easily keep the two realms divided, even on a single phone.

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