10 Charismatic Romances About Rock Stars And Musicians

If you fantasize about running away with a glamorous rock star, you've come to the right place. The ten books listed here feature talented musicians entering into passionate relationships and dealing with the tensions that arise when egos get big, fame creates complications, and being on the road forces people into close quarters. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Romance Books About Musicians: Our 10 Picks

Title Author
1. Ace Lyra Parish
2. Tone Deaf Olivia Rivers
3. Taking the Lead Cecilia Tan
4. Dangerous Hearts K.K. Allen
5. A Lush Betrayal Selena Laurence
6. Catching London M.V. Ellis
7. Encore Lori Toland
8. The Feeling of Forever Jamie Howard
9. Regrets Only M.J. Pullen
10. Rock Star Lover Yvonne Nicolas

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8 Great Films Full of Love & Music

  1. Once (2007)
  2. A Star Is Born (1954)
  3. Crazy Heart (2009)
  4. Singin' in the Rain (1952)
  5. The Piano (1993)
  6. The Sound of Music (1965)
  7. New York, New York (1977)
  8. Some Like It Hot (1959)

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How Music Can Heal Our Brain and Heart

In Depth

The wild world of music is an exciting setting for all kinds of novels, especially love stories. Falling for a hot performer who can light up the stage is an undeniably alluring idea that many people fantasize about. In no particular order, here are ten charismatic and electrifying romances about rock stars and musicians.

At #1 is "Ace" by Lyra Parish, which is the first in a series of novels that revolve around the members of a family rock band. Elizabeth Riley is an editor at an independent music magazine. When her co-worker and best friend goes on maternity leave, Elizabeth is assigned to go on tour with Band of Brothers and write a story about them. She's told that the toughest part of her assignment will be getting a solo interview with Ace, the notoriously private lead singer and known womanizer. Ace has always hated the idea of love, but he can't resist the beautiful, introverted reporter.

For #2 we have "Tone Deaf" by Olivia Rivers. Ali Collins is a former musical prodigy who lost her hearing when she was ten years old due to a brain tumor. Seven years later, she's living with her abusive father. When her best friend brings her to a rock concert, she meets Jace, the band's frontman. After noticing the bruises on her arm, he offers her the opportunity to escape by joining their nationwide tour. Sensing that this is her way out, she accepts. Soon, Jace and Ali start a tender romance, finding hope and comfort in one another.

Seven years later, she's living with her abusive father.

Up next at #3 is Cecilia Tan's "Taking the Lead." After her grandfather passes away, Ricki Hamilton inherits billions of dollars in assets. Much to her dismay, one of the properties is a highly exclusive BDSM club frequented by kinky celebrities. Ricki has no interest in getting involved with the establishment. She's determined to further her career in the film business and run her family's movie empire. But she's forced to reconsider her priorities when Axel Hawke, an eccentric rockstar, sets his sights on her.

At #4 is "Dangerous Hearts" by K.K. Allen. Lyric Cassidy grew up surrounded by music. It became so integral to her life that she now works as a tour manager for a record label. After getting her heart broken by a rocker she was on the road with, she decides to distance herself from musician Wolf Chapman, her next assignment. Known for his bad-boy attitude, he should have no interest in a girl like Lyric who challenges him at every turn. Tensions soon rise in their tour bus, and on such a long journey, they might have trouble keeping their hands off each other.

For #5, we have Selena Laurence's "A Lush Betrayal." Mel DiLorenzo gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her big sister, Tammy, asks her to document her fiance's band's upcoming tour. This job could skyrocket her career, so she jumps at the chance. When Joss Jamison, the vocalist of Lush, first lays eyes on Mel, he's mesmerized by her beauty. She's compassionate and innocent, completely different from his rebellious persona. Joss is committed to winning her over, even if it means finally dealing with the demons of his past.

Joss is committed to winning her over, even if it means finally dealing with the demons of his past.

At #6 is "Catching London" by M.V. Ellis. After she loses her fiance in a tragic car accident, London holds down two jobs to pursue her dream of setting up a photography studio. While working as a house cleaner, she meets Arlo, a rebellious musician who embodies the rocker lifestyle. He's shocked to find out that London has no idea who he is. Intrigued by her beauty and her feisty attitude, he asks her to manage his house and offers her a hefty paycheck, which she accepts. Arlo is determined to break down her walls and really get to know London.

For #7 we have Lori Toland's gay romance "Encore." A year after breaking up, rockstar Blaze Shinozuka and music manager Jason Stockton have achieved great success. Blaze's band is selling out arenas, while Jason's new music reality show is a hit. When a chance encounter leads to them meeting again, they're full of resentment at first. But it doesn't take long for them to realize that their desire for each other never went away. When their affair is leaked to the public, they must decide if their love is enough to keep their relationship alive.

Up next at #8 is "The Feeling of Forever" by Jamie Howard. Felix Donovan used to be the drummer of a famous band. After a tragic accident leaves him paralyzed from the waist down, he goes into hiding. Juliet St. Clair is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, but a recent incident with a stalker has forced her to reconsider her career. Felix and Juliet meet when they're declared the sexiest man and woman alive by a celebrity magazine, and sparks fly between them. However, when Juliet's stalker comes back to haunt her, it could put both of them at risk.

Felix Donovan used to be the drummer of a famous band.

At #9 we have M.J. Pullen's "Regrets Only." Thirty-three-year-old Suzanne Hamilton is an event planner with a comfortable lifestyle. However, after she gets into a fight with her pregnant best friend, she's left questioning her messy history with men. To make matters worse, a series of embarrassing accidents causes her to lose all of her clients except for the popular country artist, Dylan Burke. With no options left, she agrees to plan a wedding for the musician's sister. When Suzanne falls for Dylan, she begins to reevaluate her approach to relationships.

And lastly, at #10 is "Rock Star Lover" by Yvonne Nicolas. Aubrey Anderson is a blues singer who is caught between two worlds. She's engaged to a nice guy who looks out for her and provides her with stability. However, she knows there's always been more chemistry between her and British rockstar Ripp Collins, her childhood friend. Ripp has been in love with Aubrey for years, and once he finds out she's engaged, he uses his powerful charms to convince her to return his feelings.