11 Wonderful Romance Novels About Musicians

Whether you play an instrument yourself or just think rockstars are particularly sexy, romance novels that put musicians front and center can be engaging reads. The eleven well-written novels listed here cover a variety of genres, from pop to classical to country. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Love Stories About Music: Our 11 Picks

Title Author Music Genre
1. Rising Star Terri Osburn Country
2. My One Despair Claudia Y. Burgoa Rock
3. Broken Crown Susan Ward Rock
4. Once Upon a Rose Laura Florand Rock
5. In Tune Out of Sync Kate Forest Classical
6. Music to My Ears Savanna Grey Country
7. My Life As a Pop Album L.J. Evans Pop
8. Love Desired Kelli McCracken Rock
9. Come Back Candy J. Starr Pop
10. Love Out Loud Aimee L. Salter Rock
11. Souled K.L. Shandwick Rock

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  1. Once (2007)
  2. A Star Is Born (1954)
  3. Crazy Heart (2009)
  4. Singin' in the Rain (1952)
  5. The Piano (1993)
  6. The Sound of Music (1965)
  7. New York, New York (1977)
  8. Some Like It Hot (1959)

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How Music Can Heal Our Brain and Heart

In Depth

It's easy to be attracted to performers who get onstage and open themselves up for an adoring crowd, so it should come as no surprise that some of the most enduring love stories start with a shared passion for music. Readers who love tales of struggling artists have come to the right place. Here, in no particular order, are eleven wonderful romance novels that put musicians front and center.

In the #1 spot is Terri Osburn's "Rising Star." Nashville D.J. Charley is married to the music. She adores what she does, and puts everything else on the back burner, including relationships. So when the handsome Dylan Monroe comes into the studio for an interview, she's all business. That is, until the recording stops, and the two find themselves in bed together. Dylan is one of the hottest young country singers out there, and he wants to get to know the magnetic Charley better. But as Dylan's star rises, the couple may end up having to face the music.

For #2, we get "My One Despair" by Claudia Y. Burgoa. Not all love affairs can survive infidelity. When musician Gage was with Tess Hades long ago, he ended up breaking her heart, and he hasn't been able to make amends. Tess is still damaged from her traumatic childhood, and she doesn't heal from heartbreak easily. Now, after a chance encounter, Gage is determined to win her back. But with his music career on the rise and family trouble threatening to throw his life into chaos, he'll have to make a decision: spare Tess the heartbreak of being with him, or truly let her in at last.

Now, after a chance encounter, Gage is determined to win her back.

At #3 is Susan Ward's "Broken Crown." Alan Manzone has given up a lot to achieve rock star status. That includes his soulmate, Chrissie, the woman he had to leave behind to make it big. When Alan reconnects with Chrissie after years of silence, he knows their story isn't finished. Unfortunately, both parties are holding onto some pretty damning secrets. Alan's heroin addiction may be in the past, but he still bears the scars of his once-hedonistic lifestyle, and Chrissie is sitting on a betrayal that, should it ever come to light, could be enough to end their affair for good.

At #4 is "Once Upon a Rose" by Laura Florand. Taking some time off from her manic life as a rocker, Layla Dubois heads to the South of France to get a bit of perspective. When she tries to visit the magnificent rose garden on her old family property, she's soundly rebuked by the current tenant, gruff gardener Matthieu Rosier. Though the two get off to a rocky start, it isn't long before Layla finds inspiration in Matt's awkward, gentle character.

For #5, we have Kate Forest's "In Tune Out of Sync." As rivals for the coveted first chair violin position in their local orchestra, Veronica and Scott both have dreams of hitting the big time, and they both have disabilities that make their success even more hard-won. While Veronica may start out hating Scott for beating her out for the top spot, it doesn't take long for her feelings to morph into something more like love. But when a major spot opens up at the New York Philharmonic, will love win out over ambition?

As rivals for the coveted first chair violin position in their local orchestra, Veronica and Scott both have dreams of hitting the big time, and they both have disabilities that make their success even more hard-won.

For #6, we find "Music to My Ears" by Savanna Grey. Country star Jesse and rodeo cowboy Austen are both Southern-raised performers who live most of their lives on the road. Though Jesse isn't thrilled about Austen's self-satisfied demeanor and he isn't too taken with her prim and proper ways, they find themselves getting close after a shared tragedy rearranges both of their lives. But once things go back to normal and the road beckons, will their love affair fizzle? That's a chance they'll just have to take.

At #7 is "My Life as a Pop Album" by L.J. Evans. Four years after the tragic death of her brother, Mia still blames herself for offering up the kidney that his body rejected. She's desperate to make amends somehow, but doesn't know where to start. Maybe Derek Waters, the drop-dead gorgeous musician who just entered her life, holds the key somehow. Set to a soundtrack of Ed Sheeran songs, this novel is a sweet, honest story about love, forgiveness, and the obstacles we must overcome to live out our destiny.

At #8 is Kelli McCracken's "Love Desired." As the heir apparent to a fabled retreat for famous musicians, Mia Brooks has grown up around stars. She knows better than to fall for the talent. But Ayden is different. He's been burned once before, and he's determined not to make the same mistake twice. Even though he can't stop thinking about Mia, he has a responsibility to his bandmates. Both Mia and Ayden have made promises to themselves about shutting love out of their lives. But in the face of their explosive chemistry, those promises are about to be broken.

But in the face of their explosive chemistry, those promises are about to be broken.

For #9, we get Candy J. Starr's "Come Back." Back in the heyday of boy bands, Asher Savage was riding high, but now he's just another has-been, and that's how photographer Alice Cain sees him when she's assigned to profile him for a comeback piece. But beneath that bad boy facade is a wounded man who tries to fill the emptiness with sex and partying. Once the two overcome their assumptions, they grow closer. However, the life of a star, even an ex-star, is unpredictable, and Alice might not be prepared for the drama that's bound to come their way.

At #10 is "Love Out Loud" by Aimee L. Salter. Kelly felt stifled living under the control of her stepfather, until rocker Crash came along. He promised her a better life before taking her virginity and leaving to tour with his band. Kelly will never forgive Crash for what he did, but now he's suddenly returned and is begging her to take him back. All she wants are answers. Why did he seduce her and leave her flat, and who's to say he won't do it again? Little does she know, her rock star beau can't say a word, or his entire career could go up in flames.

Finally, at #11, is K.L. Shandwick's "Souled." Famous frontman McKenna has come back to his hometown to participate in a friend's charity auction, where he'll go on a date with the highest bidder. The winner ends up being Charlotte, someone he grew up with. Is Charlotte just in the market for a night of passion with a musician, or will fate end up playing a hand in the lives of the two childhood friends?