9 Enthralling Historical Romances For Christian Readers

Love stories that take place in the past are popular for a reason. Being swept away to a far-off time feels magical and makes a charming tale about two people falling in love all the more enchanting. If you're a Christian reader who enjoys nice, clean romance, check out the nine works listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Christian Historical Romance: Our 9 Picks

Title Author
1. Cassidy Lori Wick
2. Born of Persuasion Jessica Dotta
3. A Defense of Honor Kristi Ann Hunter
4. Once Again Deborah Heal
5. Swept to Sea Heather Manning
6. Love in Disguise Carol Cox
7. The Hope of Azure Springs Rachel Fordham
8. The Liberty Bride MaryLu Tyndall
9. Grace be a Lady Heather Blanton

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The History of Love

In Depth

Reading romantic period pieces can be a fun and entertaining way to learn what life was like in the past. If you're interested in bygone eras and want to find your next great Christian read with a charming love story at the center, here, in no particular order, are some intriguing historical romances to delight and transport you.

In the #1 spot is "Cassidy" by Lori Wick. In the Montana Territory during the late 1800s, seamstress Cassidy tries to balance the demands of her growing business with her social obligations and religion. She adores her life in Token Creek, but she wants more. Like her homesteader friends, she wants a husband and a family of her own. Of course, that would require Cassidy to actually let someone get to know her. With a dark, troubled past like hers, that just doesn't seem like an option. That is, until the right guy comes along.

For #2 we get Jessica Dotta's "Born of Persuasion." In the world of 1838, women are the property of their men. This is bad news for seventeen-year-old Julia, who's faced with only two choices: marry hastily, or be forced into servitude by her guardian. When a powerful figure offers to help Julia build an independent life for herself, she's thrilled. However, the world of high Victorian society isn't what she expected. Soon enough, she's at the center of a deadly plot, and it will take all the courage she has to come to her own rescue.

In the world of 1838, women are the property of their men.

At #3 is "A Defense of Honor" by Kristi Ann Hunter. Years ago, Katherine "Kit" FitzGilbert abandoned her high society life to help struggling single mothers find a place in the straight-laced world of Regency-era England. After meeting Lord Wharton, however, Kit knows that she'll have to return to the judgmental culture she left long ago in order to find the truth behind the disappearance of a young, titled girl. As she digs deeper, she and the lord start to fall for each other. Can their romance bridge the gap between them?

#4 is Deborah Heal's "Once Again." History teacher Merrideth loves her job. When she finds a virtual reality program that can transport her to 1780s Illinois, she can't resist strapping in for the ride. Once immersed in that magnificent world, she finds a way to connect with her co-worker crush, Brett. A handsome settler may hold the key to Brett's questions about his genealogy. But Merrideth knows she has to keep the program secret in order to protect the past, even if it throws a wrench into her budding romance.

At #5 is Heather Manning's "Swept to Sea." Lady Trenton adores her life among London's upper crust, but she's not thrilled about being forced to marry a dangerous man. With nothing to do but flee for greener pastures, she smuggles herself aboard a pirate ship, only to be discovered by the crew's charismatic leader, the famous Caspian Archer. They fall in love during their time on the ship, and soon find themselves embarking on a daring journey to Jamaica, where their plans for a new life can flourish. Though they may run into trouble if the captain's enemies catch up with him first.

Though they may run into trouble if the captain's enemies catch up with him first.

Coming in at #6 is Carol Cox's "Love in Disguise." Times are bleak for Ellie Moore. In the blinding Chicago winter of 1882, she finds herself unemployed and looking for work wherever she can get it. Her search leads her to the Pinkerton Detective Agency, where a mining scandal requires some undercover sleuthing. Ellie will have to pose as a bubbly society woman to get answers. Unfortunately, the mine's owner is handsome, noble, and totally enamored with her. At least, he likes the woman she's pretending to be.

At #7 is Rachel Fordham's "The Hope of Azure Springs." The famous Orphan Trail brought settler Em to Iowa to start a new life. Azure Springs may be a lovely town, but Em is focused on finding her long-lost sister before settling down. She'll have to count on the young, ambitious Sheriff Caleb Reynolds to help her. Em doesn't just want to be seen as a charity case, and Caleb doesn't want anything to get in the way of his career. Fortunately for the two of them, fate has other plans.

For #8 we have "The Liberty Bride" by MaryLu Tyndall. Lieutenant Owen Masters and American hostage Emeline Baratt stand for completely different things. She's a proud revolutionary while he's sworn his allegiance to Mother England. Still, life on the ship is hard, and luckily Emeline is a skilled nurse. While helping the wounded on deck, she starts to fall for the handsome Lieutenant. When the couple is sent back to America to spy on the colonies, however, Emeline has to make a choice: support her lover, or protect her country?

When the couple is sent back to America to spy on the colonies, however, Emeline has to make a choice: support her lover, or protect her country?

Finally, at #9, is Heather Blanton's "Grace be a Lady." Misery, Wyoming is living up to its name for Grace Hendrick. Wrongfully accused of stepping out on her husband, Grace is not allowed to return to her family in Chicago. Unable to see her young son, she decides to improvise. To make money and hack it in the rough and tumble turn-of-the-century West, she'll have to pose as a man to get honest work on a ranch. When cattle king Thad Walker comes on the scene, however, it gets a lot harder to keep up the facade.