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Nanny Poppinz Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

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What You Need To Know About Nanny Poppinz

Nanny Poppinz is committed to helping families find professionally trained, in-home care. The group has several physical locations in nineteen different states, with additional agencies coming soon. Some information and resources can also be found online. Interested customers must live close to one of their branch locations in order to work with them.

The agency is designed to meet the specific needs of their clients. They offer a number of distinct service positions. These include live-in nannies, babysitting, nanny sharing, and newborn care. Parents can even individualize their requests to include things like foreign language teaching, cooking and cleaning, and tutoring. There are additional options for emergency or temporary help. Childcare for corporate or personal events, as well as eldercare, is also available.

People looking for employment through the agency must have experience and be legally eligible to work within the United States. Other requirements, such as age, can vary depending on the specific position. All applicants must interview, pass a comprehensive background check, and receive CPR and first aid training. This screening process works to guarantee that all applicants are safely verified. Matches that are successfully coordinated by the agency are bound by a half year commitment contract. But their service promises to find a new provider should a caretaker fail to honor that agreement.

Nanny Poppinz also has a unique no fee policy. Neither parents nor applicants are responsible for purchasing a membership to try out the referral program. Payment fees are only required if and when a childcare match has been made. The fee price is determined by location and is based on a percentage of the nanny's annual salary. Some flat rate fees may apply for certain services, like part-time help.

Some people have criticized the company's website design, which could use a little updating to be more user friendly. There is also slight confusion about the cost of payment if a match is successful. However, Nanny Poppinz seems more then ready to respond to these questions. The agency runs a customer service hotline that provides 24 hour assistance, seven days a week.

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