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The first step in starting a business is choosing what kind of company to make. There are benefits and detriments to every type. If you decide on a limited liability company, consider using one of these LLC creation services. They'll file your paperwork for you and streamline the process. That way, you can focus on actually starting your business.

Not everyone will be completely sure what type of company they want. The best services will help you make that decision. Just provide them a bit of information about yourself and your partners. You should also tell them what your plans are. They'll guide you through the process of determining the right designation before you get started.

Once you know you're fit to become an LLC, the process of actually creating it doesn't have to be difficult. These creation services are familiar with the ins and outs of the paperwork. They can help you learn how to file it. They can also tell you what information and documentation will be required. Leave it to the professionals and save yourself from the monotony.

Many services provide the option to continue working with them. They'll handle your government-related needs as you grow your business. This includes filing your annual reports and state tax forms for you. This way, you can continue to work on your craft. Trusting the experts with the technical and legal details is a good option.Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

RocketLawyer is a comprehensive online legal service. They can be used to incorporate a business, set up a DBA, or register a trademark. They also offer a range of other business and personal legal services. You can use them to file a divorce or get answers to common marriage questions about tax and estate issues. Using RocketLawyer to file a bankruptcy or initiate a personal injury claim process is simple. The legal services they offer are nearly limitless.

On their website, you can create over 40,000 types of legal documents. After creating a document, you can choose to have a lawyer review it. This helps to ensure that your document is legally binding. It will also ensure that the document is adequately protecting you in case of future legal action. You can also get advice from a practicing lawyer using their Ask a Lawyer feature. You simply enter your question into the online form. Within minutes a lawyer will respond to your query with helpful information.

Business owners can benefit from using RocketLawyer. Different corporation structures offer different benefits. RocketLawyer can help you choose whether you should be incorporated as an S corporation, an LLC, or something different entirely. They can also be used to file articles of dissolution. It is important to file articles of dissolution correctly. This ensures fair distribution of assets and prevents tax repercussions.

CorpNet provides pre- and post-incorporation support to ensure your business is set up correctly. Whether you need to create a new business or manage an existing one, they have services to help. They streamline the incorporation and LLC formation process. On their website you can also register a DBA, file annual business reports, and file for a trademark. CorpNet offers both incorporation packages and individual services.

A free cloud-based corporate compliance tool is available to everyone, whether you have contracted their services or not. The compliance tool alerts you of any critical filing dates. Filing your annual reports and other paperwork on time can help you avoid costly late penalties. It also gives you reminders of tax due dates and other important deadlines. These alerts can be set up for multiple businesses. They are state and industry specific.

CorpNet has a starting a business checklist that walks you through the steps to properly incorporate your business. Those starting their first business will find it extremely helpful. It contains useful information on naming and protecting your business. It also addresses the process of applying for a tax ID number and obtaining business licenses. Additionally, there are tips on opening a business bank account.

Swyft Filings provides same-day filing for forming LLCs, S and C corporations, and registering DBAs. They have some of the fastest processing times in the industry. For those with filing and incorporation questions, you can schedule a free business consultation. Their consultants can help you determine the best structure for your new business. On their website, there is a live chat feature in case you need instant support. The simple forms they provide allow you to complete the incorporation process in as little as 10 minutes.

Each customer is assigned a business specialist. You will be given a direct telephone number and e-mail to contact your dedicated specialist regarding any incorporation questions. Most e-mails are answered within 20 minutes during standard business hours. You will also be provided with lifetime customer support. Every one of their packages comes with a free 30 minute tax consultation with a national accounting firm.

Incorporating a business on the Swyft Filings website is a breeze. You simply choose a business type. Then you select a state. Finally you enter your personal information and make a payment. If you wish to incorporate in a different state than where you are based, they provide foreign qualification services. The website has helpful articles for new and existing business owners. It is easy to find answers to your questions, without being presented with information overload.

Additional Options

MyNewCompany can help you incorporate or manage a business. Common startup services they provide include LLC formation and C and S corporation creation. They make it easy to apply for an Employer Identification Number and create an operating agreement or company bylaws. Businesses can use them to register a DBA, change a registered agent, or file articles of dissolution. They also make filing articles of amendment or annual reports a hassle-free process.

Our #5 Pick is geared specifically to business owners and those starting a new business. They can be used to create an S corporation, LLC, C corporation, or nonprofit. For those who don't understand the pros and cons of each corporation type, they have a Business Formation Wizard. It is a short questionnaire that helps you determine the best corporate structure for your needs. Most users will be able to quickly set up their articles of incorporation without further guidance. also has a free name check feature. This allows you to check the availability of your preferred company name.

Our #7 Pick IncFile

IncFile is a Houston, Texas-based incorporation service that's been in business since 2004. Their goal is to provide business owners with the guidance they need to incorporate with ease. They proudly employ a staff of experts in the field. Since incorporation is their specialty, they do it quite well. But that doesn't mean that their services stop once they've filed your initial paperwork. Instead, they continue to support you as your business grows. They will remind you of important reporting deadlines. They will also hold onto your documents indefinitely.

BizFilings provides a wide range of services related to starting and managing your business. A large button at the top of their homepage reads "Incorporate Now," and allows you to do just that. You can choose between options like an S-Corporation, an LLC, a nonprofit, or almost anything else. They provide the tools you need to get it done stress-free. Incorporating isn't their only service, however. You can file a DBA, apply for various licenses and qualifications, or even dissolve your business.

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