12 Hot & Erotic Books That Feature BDSM

Sweet, simple romance can be fun, but for some readers, it just doesn't fit the bill. If you love seductive stories about subs & doms, then check out the twelve erotic novels listed here. Whether you engage in S&M yourself, or just enjoy reading about it, these racy books are sure to leave you wanting more. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

BDSM Books: Our 12 Picks

Title Author
1. You Don’t Know Me Mandy Lee
2. Coveted Alannah Lynne
3. The Spice of Life Jake Furie Lapin
4. Dangerously Bad Eden Bradley
5. Mister Black P.T. Michelle
6. The Stand Off Z. Stefani
7. Captive Meg Silver
8. Carrie’s Story Molly Weatherfield
9. His Old Kentucky Home Brynn Paulin
10. A New Chapter Tymber Dalton
11. Disciplined By the Duke Alyson Chase
12. In the Rough Sara Brookes

8 Great Films That Feature BDSM

  1. The Story of O (1975)
  2. 9½ Weeks (1986)
  3. Blue Velvet (1986)
  4. Venus in Furs (1969)
  5. The Piano Teacher (2001)
  6. The Night Porter (1974)
  7. Secretary (2002)
  8. Quills (2000)

Date Ideas For Your Real-Life Romance

What you do in the bedroom is your own business, but even the most risqué couple needs to get out of the dungeon every now & again. If you're looking for some tame activities, here are a few ideas:

Reimagining BDSM

In Depth

A lot of love stories are all sugar, but some readers prefer spice. In BDSM books, the traditional roses and chocolates are set aside in favor of floggers and handcuffs, leading to some truly steamy nights of ecstasy and experimentation between the sheets. For those who like it hot, here, in no particular order, are some of the sultriest reads about partners with a penchant for S and M.

In the #1 spot, we have Mandy Lee's "You Don't Know Me." Painter Maya is broke, creatively stifled, and in need of a change in her life. She never imagined that taking a basic office job would be the thing to reignite her passion, but when she meets company owner Daniel, the two fall into a sexy routine of give and take. However, Maya has a feeling that there's more here than just great sex. Daniel is hiding something, and it's making it hard for them to get truly close. The problem is, it might be best to keep this mystery in the dark, for both their sakes.

For #2, we find "Coveted" by Alannah Lynne. A year ago, Muriel's husband met his tragic end, leaving her totally closed off sexually and emotionally. She never imagined that any man would play as important a role in her life ever again, especially not her late husband's best friend Matthew. Long resigned to a life of unrequited passion, Matthew forced himself to give up his dreams of winning Muriel long ago. But now, in her hour of need, he's going to have to show up for his secret love in a way she never expected.

She never imagined that any man would play as important a role in her life ever again, especially not her late husband's best friend Matthew.

At #3 is Jake Furie Lapin's "The Spice of Life." Thirty-seven-year-old Jake used to be a sexually frustrated, out-of-shape married man. Now, he's at the top of his game as a Dom, juggling partners and partaking in all kinds of fun. His sex therapist, Kelli, however, is stuck in a rut of her own. Maybe being a Dom isn't in the cards for Kelli, but there's something captivating about her sexually liberated client. Can Jake teach this powerful, poised woman something she doesn't know about sex? There's only one way to find out.

For #4 we get "Dangerously Bad" by Eden Bradley. At The Bastille, New Orleans' most exclusive S and M club, almost anything goes. Duff Stewart, one of the club's frequent patrons, knows this better than anyone else. He also knows that a Dom and a Dominatrix can't have much of a future together, but all his common sense goes out the window once he catches sight of Layla, a gorgeous woman who can wield a whip with power. Duff is committed to making the odd pairing work, but winning over the stubborn Layla won't be easy.

At #5 is "Mister Black" by P.T. Michelle. In Talia's youth, a mysterious man once stood between her and a violent mugger. She's never forgotten him, and today, as an aspiring journalist, she's determined to use her power to fight against crime and injustice. When she crashes a masked ball to get a story, she never imagines that she'll run into her protector again. But this time, things have changed. Her knight in shining armor is now a man wearing a black mask, someone who will do anything to make her his.

In Talia's youth, a mysterious man once stood between her and a violent mugger.

At #6 is Z. Stefani's "The Stand Off." Lux has always lived in The Music Hall with her family. The old shelter is part of her hometown's heart and soul. Sadly, owner Dean wants to tear down the whole block and build something entirely new. With only one headstrong woman standing in his way, he imagines that winning the deeds to the property will be simple: a basic seduce-and-destroy mission. But Lux will be difficult to convince. If the two can translate their mutual disdain into some hot bondage sessions, maybe they'll find a way to see eye-to-eye.

Coming in at #7 is Meg Silver's "Captive." Harper isn't in the market for a soulmate. Not just yet, anyway. For now, she's content to seek out a friends-with-benefits arrangement that won't leave her longing. Matt Solomon is the perfect candidate for such a scenario. He's strong-willed, dominant, and extremely imaginative in the bedroom. The couple's once-a-week trysts stay hot and heavy, but it won't be long before someone ends up wanting more. The question is, who will show their hand first?

For #8 we find "Carrie's Story" by Molly Weatherfield. Berkeley Ph.D. student Carrie thinks that she and her master will be together forever. Then he sells her at a slave auction. Now, Carrie's life is thrown into disarray as she enters the wild, wicked world of slaves, subs, doms, and "ponies," human dressage competitors who must be trained to serve their owners in total submission. Described as a modern take on "The Story of O," this sprawling tale offers readers a scintillating glimpse into the lives of professional masochists.

Then he sells her at a slave auction.

At #9 is "His Old Kentucky Home" by Brynn Paulin. Blue Grove, Kentucky may be Sully's home, but that doesn't mean he has any fond feelings about it. In fact, he'd rather stay as far away from the place as he can. The only thing he likes about Kentucky is Cord, his masterful lover and the man he's committed to building his life with. But when Cord has to go out of town indefinitely, Sully finds himself lost and alone, doubting his partner's commitment to their relationship. Little does Sully know that "Sir" has a few other things planned, most of them X-rated.

At #10 is Tymber Dalton's "A New Chapter." Rom and Colton have waited a lifetime to find each other. Now that they finally have, all they want to do is enjoy their week of honeymoon festivities in peace. But when long-buried secrets rise up and interrupt the couple's week of love, their commitment to each other is tested. Colton would do anything to please his Master, but there are some places that even he won't go. Will the recent, shocking revelations about each other break them apart, or help them grow closer than ever before?

At #11 is "Disciplined by the Duke" by Alyson Chase. After her sister kills a man in an act of self-defense, all Liz wants to do is keep her far away from the hangman's noose. That's not going to be an easy task, since getting the information that could spare her sister's life will require going undercover as the haughty Duke of Montague's maid. Liz was expecting to perform a few lewd acts, but she never imagined she'd like them this much. Now, she'll have to either give in to her true feelings about the dashing Duke, or betray him to keep her sister safe.

Liz was expecting to perform a few lewd acts, but she never imagined she'd like them this much.

Finally, at #12, is "In the Rough" by Sara Brookes. Noble House is a next-level BDSM club on the brink of expanding into the VR market. With a deliciously kinky menu combined with the latest technology, the club is on the verge of a huge breakthrough. At least, that's what tech nerd Marcus thinks. Once he catches sight of Enver, the club's resident Dom, he's captivated. Together, the two embark on a sensual VR journey that tests the limits of reality. The question is, once the goggles come off, will Enver and Marcus be able to be together in the real world?