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The 10 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

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Whether you suffer from excessive bloating, digestive issues, or high blood pressure, you may want to try apple cider vinegar. It has a long history as a folk remedy for these and many other ailments, and can also be used as a natural weight loss supplement. While the sour flavor of its liquid form turns some people off, most of these pills make it much easier to swallow. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to the best apple cider vinegar pill on Amazon.

10. Now Foods 450 mg

9. American Health 200 Count

8. Source Naturals

7. Havasu Nutrition

6. Nutricost Extra Strength

5. Sunergetic Premium

4. Purely Beneficial

3. Weight Loss Development Superior

2. BioSchwartz Organic

1. Herbtonics Strength

Editor's Notes

June 11, 2019:

First and foremost, we want to stress that dietary supplements should always be taken with the consent of a doctor or physician. The studies supporting the touted benefits of ACV are incomplete, with ACV usually working best in conjunction with other practices to achieve certain results (IE, weight loss, high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc). Do not expect them to be a panacea by themselves.

When updating this list, we kept in mind that each formula affects everybody differently, and so our priority was to provide a range of products with varying ingredients and potencies. As some users may have sensitive stomachs, we were sure to include low-milligram selections (Now Foods 450 mg, Sunergetic Premium, American Health 200 Count). We also included budget-friendly products under $10 (as of writing this) for those who want to test the waters without breaking the bank.

We felt our previous #8 Herbal Secrets didn't quite hold its own against the sea of competition and thought that BioSchwartz Organic would make a better choice. It boasts a special blend of ingredients including vanilla, cayenne pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, and ginger, giving it a helpful boost. And while we loved our old #1 Prime Labs, it was discontinued. We replaced it with Herbtonics Strength, a similarly potent formula manufactured to exacting standards that's easy to swallow.

Why Take Apple Cider Vinegar Pills?

Apple cider vinegar works to kickstart your metabolism by increasing fat-burning enzymes.

Apple cider vinegar has been touted for its health benefits by a litany of well-known personalities over the years. It has earned glowing reviews from scores of people, and has been employed as a folk remedy for centuries. While many of ACV’s advantages have yet to be thoroughly reviewed by the scientific community (a process that can take decades), there have been a handful of modern studies carried out that support various claims. Below, we’ll outline a few ways apple cider vinegar pills can help improve your health.

One of the most popular uses for ACV is to assist with weight loss. Now, we’re not saying these pills are a panacea by any means, but they can serve as a useful aid when taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. Apple cider vinegar works to kickstart your metabolism by increasing fat-burning enzymes. It also helps lower blood sugar levels and suppress appetite. When ingested with a meal, it can create a feeling of satiety that encourages the consumer to eat fewer calories over the course of the day.

The main substance in ACV, acetic acid, can annihilate bacteria and pathogens inside the body. On top of that, many users report reduced bloating and relief from indigestion. If you're looking for an extra boost, consider tablets supplemented with other ingredients, such as spirulina, kelp, bromelain, and more. These additions can add beneficial nutrients to your diet and increase the capsule's overall performance.

There are several compelling reasons why you'd want to ingest a tablet in lieu of the liquid, with one of the most obvious being taste. Instead of choking down a full glass of pungent vinegar diluted in water, a pill enables you to get it over with in a few seconds. Naturally, apple cider vinegar is highly acidic, which means it can wreak havoc on your tooth enamel. This is why many consumers drink it through a straw, but a taking a pill can help you sidestep the issue completely. Take care to swallow swiftly — a lodged capsule can potentially irritate your esophagus when left in place for too long.

As with any dietary supplement, always do your homework and chat with your doctor about the dosage that’s best for you. Too much of anything can bring on negative side effects, and apple cider vinegar is no exception.

A Brief History Of Vinegar

The word vinegar comes from the Old French vinaigre, which translates to sour wine. Indeed, the first kinds of vinegar were most likely borne from wine left to ferment, and myriad ancient cultures found them useful as a preservative, condiment, and even as a beverage.

Babylonian scrolls dating as far back as 5000 B.C.E. detail the use of vinegar, and traces of it have been found in 5,000-year-old Egyptian urns. The Greek physician Hippocrates heartily prescribed it to his ailing patients, promising it could treat everything from open wounds to shortness of breath.

There are many alcoholic products capable of turning into vinegar, and due to this versatility, variations have cropped up all over the world.

Ancient Roman soldiers received rations of a concoction that consisted of vinegar mixed with water as early as 509 B.C.E. This tipple was dubbed posca, and it was likely enjoyed with herbs, salts, and spices. It was so common among Roman legionnaires that, according to the Bible, a soldier had some handy at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion and offered it to him via a sponge supported by a staff.

As the centuries wore on, vinegar continued to enjoy status as a folk remedy with unrivaled healing powers. Famed poet Lord Byron drank large quantities in order to maintain his pale complexion, and even the United States Army ensured soldiers had the apple cider variety during the Mexican-American war.

There are many alcoholic products capable of turning into vinegar, and due to this versatility, variations have cropped up all over the world. Rice vinegar is popularly used in Asian cuisines, while balsamic vinegar produced from white grapes is a staple in Italy. Whether you’re seeking a household cleaner, cooking aid, or alternative medicine, you’re likely to find your hero in vinegar.

Health Is Wealth

When you have access to things like round-the-clock cupcake ATMs and smart televisions that can stream all the content your heart desires, it can be tough to stay active and make healthy decisions. Thankfully, living a healthful life doesn’t require a complete overhaul of the things you love — it simply takes a few small, positive steps and the right attitude.

Dehydration can lower your energy levels and inhibit brain function, not to mention put you in a crabby mood and negatively affect your motivation.

To start, you should be drinking plenty of fluids on a daily basis. Dehydration can lower your energy levels and inhibit brain function, not to mention put you in a crabby mood and negatively affect your motivation. Consuming an ample amount of water and other beverages can boost your metabolism and increase satiety, with the added benefit that they’ll help keep your organs and muscles in tiptop condition.

Don’t trick yourself into believing a crash diet will do you any good. When you severely limit your calorie intake, you fool your body into thinking you’re starving. In response, it lowers your metabolism and burns fewer calories. Restrictive diets can also result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can lead to very serious health problems down the road. Instead, try eating a consistent blend of lean meats, fruits and veggies, and low-fat dairy in sensible portions.

You don’t have to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to get proper exercise, either. If you can shoot for about 30 minutes of physical activity a day, you’ll be in good shape. This includes brisk walking, swimming, running, cycling, and much more. When confronted with an escalator or staircase, take the stairs, and try not to sit still for long periods of time. If possible, stand up every hour and take a lap around the premises. Of course, as your goals start to become more ambitious, so should your workout routine.

In general, it’s wise to take things in moderation. This includes limiting your alcohol and sugar intake. That’s not to say you can’t meet your friends for drinks or indulge in a sweet treat from time to time — just try not to overdo it.

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